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10 Father’s Day Activities You Can Share With Your Dad

Recent studies have proven that experiences provide longer lasting joy then stuff. This Father’s Day skip traditional gifts that come in a brightly wrapped box. Instead spend some quality time with your dad forging new memories. You can choose an expensive epic adventure or a low-cost afternoon outing. It doesn’t matter how much you spend it simply matters that you share in the experience together. Here are a list of fun activities to consider.

Attend a Baseball Game

Summer time and baseball games go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly. This Father’s Day buy tickets to a baseball game where you and your dad can cheer on your favorite sports team. Snack on hotdogs and popcorn and let dear old dad guzzle down a beer or two. Buy tickets directly from the box office or look for discounted tickets available from Stubhub.

Play Laser Tag

Just because your dad is older doesn’t mean he’s all grown up. Some dads love reliving the games and adventures of their youth. This Father’s Day consider buying tickets to a laser tag outing. Break your family into separate teams or find other father-son or father-daughter teams to strategize against.

Race Against Him

Is your dad competitive? Does he have a need for speed and adventure? If you and your dad are up for some friendly competition find a go-kart raceway in your area and set out for a day of racing. Try to outpace one another as you speed around winding curves and race toward the checkered flag.

Go Fishing

Does your dad’s vision of retirement involve a long fishing pole and a long, quiet day out on the water? If your dad dreams of reeling in big fish then search for an off coast fishing expedition that will allow him to spend the day casting lines into deep waters. You can find half-day and full-day fishing trips on Groupon.

Take a Hike

Don’t worry if your wallet is a little light on cash this Father’s Day. You can always plan an adventure that costs little to nothing at all. If your dad is a nature enthusiast consider asking him to strap on his hiking boots so the two of you can hit the trail together. Pack a light snack and a few reusable bottles of water so you can rest mid-way through your adventure.

Go White Water Rafting

If you want to get your dad’s adrenaline pumping consider taking him on a white water rafting trip down a raging river. Tour guides will navigate you and your dad down a long stretch of river with nothing other than a small inflatable raft between you and the raging rapids.

Go Camping

If you have the time and inclination turn what might have been a simple day-hike into a camping adventure. Bring along your tent and sleeping bags and strike up a meaningful conversation with dad beside the campfire.

Play Golf

Does your dad dream of spending his days on the golf course? Would he enjoy an afternoon of golf? If eighteen holes seems like too long of a time commitment for one afternoon then grab one of those tiny pencils and a score sheet and see if you can beat your dear old dad at a rousing round of putt-putt.

This Father’s Day choose an activity and spend quality time with your dad.