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10 Questions For–World’s Leading E-retailer of Technology Products

What is

Newegg Inc. is the world’s leading e-retailer of technology products. This trusted online marketplace prides itself on offering its customers exceptional quality products, rapid delivery, and superior customer service. The company was founded in 2001 in California, and quickly grew to become an award-winning electronics e-retailer. Today the site has over 18 million registered customers. Visitors to the website can expect to find a vast array of brand-name products ranging from computer hardware to consumer electronics to gaming.
Why should consumers choose, not other tech retailers?

At, we are proud to offer over three million quality products. Apart from the product itself, we attempt to educate our customers with detailed specifications about the product, including the “how to” aspect of each item. To help with the decision-making, we also provide detailed reviews about each product, as well high resolution photographs of the product. We also try to feature the latest tech advancement in our products, so customers can always have access to the latest gizmos!

Who will benefit the most from shopping at

Technology junkies will have a blast perusing through our catalogue of items. Our site is a great location for e-shoppers, students-on-a-budget, and small businesses. We offer great discounts and deals on all our items, so that customers can easily acquire the products on their wish lists!

What kinds of products do you offer?

At, we offer all sorts of tech products ranging from car parts to camera lenses. The assortment of products we offer are listed according to the following categories: Computer Hardware, PCs, Laptops, Ultrabooks, Electronics, Cameras, Software, Gaming, Cell Phones, Home/Outdoors, Automotive, Office Products, Sporting Goods, Watches, and Accessories. In total, there are over 3 million products to choose from!

What kinds of brand name products do you offer? Which will you prefer personally?

Quality is at the heart of our business. Customers can find this in the brand names that we carry such as Seagate, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Western Digital, Microsoft, Canon, Lenovo, and Netgear, to name a few. My personal favorite is Apple products. I own almost all Apple products, nothing to do with brand loyalty; it is because of the ultimate user experience.

What gives your business a leading edge over your competitors?

One of the things that has helped Newegg gain a competitive edge over its competitors is information. Before a customer finalizes their decision about a product, we go to great lengths to provide as many product specifications as possible, including high resolution photographs of the product. We only offer brand name products, which ensure that customers will always get a quality item. Customers can also find detailed product reviews for each item listed in our catalogue.

Why is it better for consumers to purchase products from your online store versus going in person to a retail outlet?

The most obvious benefit of shopping at is convenience. Customers do not have to leave their home in order to purchase a product. They can also take their time in making a decision. It is far easier to do product and price comparisons online than in person. Above all, customers do not have to succumb to the sales tactics of high pressure sales people, when they purchase at our online store.

How do you provide effective customer service being an online retailer

Providing top notch customer service is the first priority at There are several features that encompass our customer service quality. First, customers can “Contact Us” quite easily via the phone, email, chat, or snail mail. Secondly, the Order Status option enables customer to keep a track of their order by simply entering either their order number or email address. Thirdly, our Returns (RMA) procedure is quite simple. Customers only have to enter their order number, retrieve the item, and put in a request for a return.  Fourth, our Frequently Asked Questions enables customers to find information about our products, services, policies, and any pending questions which the customer may have. We also enable customers to easily access our Privacy and Return Policy, as well as Information Security. Customers can also opt to give an e-gift card as gift item.

What kinds of tools do you have on your website to help customers make their choices?

To help customers make informed decisions about their products, we offer information about Marketplace Sellers, Mobile Apps, Product Reviews, and Rebates. We also list our most popular items under “Most Wished For Items”, Popular Products, and Best Sellers. Our site also offers tempting price points under Shell Shocker, Featured Daily Deals, Eggxtra Deals, and Promo Codes.

What is the Newegg blog? How can this help online shoppers?

“Newegg Unscrambled” is our site’s official blog. Here, customers post their experiences with particular products, photographs of the product, and even the latest technology information.
Customers can now follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and YouTube. is the destination of choice for customers who enjoy working with technology.