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10 Saving Tips

Shopping is an activity that has gripped women’s hearts for decades. Be it a street vendor, a local shop, a departmental store, a market or a mall, women all around the world have maintained an inclination towards shopping. Shopping sure saves the mood from ruining, but there is some money involved too. What if you could draw the benefits of a shopping spree without having to compromise for a lot of money?

Yes, we have brought you 10 most trusted saving tips while you are out for shopping. Take a look…

  1. Make a list of all the stuff you wish to purchase, and keep cutting the fluff until your list boils down to only the needed stuff. Add the estimated costs to get an idea of your budget.
  2. Do not run after the products that you have heard about on the TV or in the newspapers or in hoardings. A brand that can advertise is not necessarily the best one.
  3. Make a habit to purchase the items well in advance, so that you have enough time to browse through sales and stock clearances by the time you actually need it.
  4. Do not behave like a kid once you are in the store. Attractive packaging and appealing deals might trap you, but having a rigid mind about the budget would save you out of the situation.
  5. Quoting rates for a dozen pieces is the favorite marketing trend as it means a dozen pieces sold in once. Calculate per-piece cost and you will know if it is an authentic deal.
  6. Once you are done shopping the items in your list, head to the billing counter. If you keep roaming around, there is a high chance of picking up some unnecessary things.
  7. Opt for large stores instead of the smaller ones. They offer more discount on items since they receive items from their suppliers in bulk rates.
  8. If there are just two or three items that you need to buy in any case, then prefer calling the store before starting your car. There is no point of going there and picking up useless things.
  9. Never ever take out your wallet if the rate of a shirt is the lowest you have ever heard. There is always a scope of bargain.
  10. Do not trust the computed totaling. Check you receipt, and total up.