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10 Simple Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is like mine, it is Grand Central Station for your home. I know when my kitchen is organized, it is easier to find what I need and allows me to work more efficiently. Let’s take a look at 10 simple ways to organize your kitchen.

organize your kitchen


Purge Your Cabinets

Take everything out of your cabinets and drawers and think carefully if you really need it all. I am sure you will find there are many things you need to get rid of or donate. Put back only what you need. Place the items that you are donating in a box and put them by your door. This way, you can easily pick them up then next time you go out to your vehicle. Remember to drop them off at the nearest donation center so you are not driving around with them.

Group Similar Items

With your cabinets empty, start to really think about the best way to group items in them. Look at the things you are keeping and arrange baking things together, serving piece together and so on.

copper pans

Think About Your Space

Next, think about the best cabinet or drawers to put those things. Drinking glasses are probably best by the sink and dishwasher. Remember, you want things to run as smooth as possible, so have your coffee maker near your mugs and your pot holders near your oven. Be mindful of this as you decide where everything you are keeping goes.


Use Clear Plastic Bins

Use clear bins and containers to organize things inside your cabinets. Small bins are perfect for containing hot cocoa packets, oatmeal packets and more. Food in small boxes can be stored in clear containers so they don’t get lost among larger items.

clear bins 1

Go Through Your Food Storage Containers

Go through your food storage containers and get rid of anything you don’t have a lid for. Arrange what you have left together, place the lids in a clear plastic bin that will allow you to store them vertically.

plastic food stoarat

If you have just a bunch of tired Chinese food containers with no lids, you might want to discard it all and start fresh with a large set of Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers you can get at Walmart.

Rubbermaid storage

Utilize Space Effectively

That cabinet above your refrigerator or oven can be divided with vertical rack dividers that allow you to store cookie sheets, trays, platters and more.

organizer rack

Organize Your Drawers

Pick up some bamboo drawer dividers to organize your utensil and cutlery. You can find ones that expand to fit a variety of drawer sizes.  Smaller plastic bins can help you contain pens, pencils, tape scissors etc. Allow yourself only one junk drawer if possible.

bambo organizers

Tackle Your Refrigerator

Clean out your refrigerator. Wipe down all the surfaces inside and out. Go through all your food and condiments and get rid of anything that is old, expired or you don’t use. Grab some plastic bins and use them to organize your food and condiments.

Fridge storage

Get Under the Sink

Maximize your space under the sink with a 2 Tier Expandable Adjustable Under Sink Storage Shelf. This unit will maximize your space to store your cleaning products, soaps, sponges and more.

Under the sink

Hang It Up

Organize your mop, broom, dustpan and more with a hanging rack that you can mount to the inside of a closet or pantry door.


It is easy to organize your kitchen when you have the right tools, you can find these shelves, racks and bins at stores like Amazon, and Bed Bath and Beyond.