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10 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Parents

10 time saving tips for busy parents

Let’s face it, most parents feel like their days are a game of beat the clock and they are usually ending up on the losing end. This can lead to frustration, losing your temper and feeling overwhelmed. Life is unpredictable, especially with kids. You may not be able to avoid chaos altogether, but our 10 time-saving tips for busy parents will help you make the most of the time you have.

1.  Prioritize.

I cannot stress the importance of this, knowing what is a priority and what is not is key to getting the things that matter done. Every day write your to-do list and prioritize your tasks into what you need to take care of immediately, what you need to do during the week and then your more on-going or long term tasks.

to do list

2. Delegate

This is so hard for some of us, but as a rule if you can delegate a task that is not something you absolutely have to do yourself to a person that you feel will do it 80% as good as you would, It doesn’t mean you are not a good mom if you don’t go up to the school to copy and distribute 1,000 fundraiser flyers. Let someone else do that and it will free you up to do the things that only YOU can do

3. Batch Those Tasks

Look at your to-do list and see what you have that you can batch. This means if you have to go to the bank, post office, kid’s school and the dentist, try and do it all in the same trip. This saves time and gas money!

4. Get organized

If you are always running late because you cannot find something you need; it is time to get that under control. Get a filing cabinet for all your important papers, birth certificates, passports, insurance documents and more. Have your kids place all homework, library books, permission slips and other things in their backpacks each night. This will save frantic library book searches in the morning. Have everyone lay out their clothing the night before. I really like the Dazz Accessory Carousel Orgaizers with 5 Shelves because you can not only place their clothes on the shelves but place shoes or other accessories they need in the pockets. These are available at Babies R Us if you like them as much as I do.

Clothing organizer carousel with 5 shelves

5. Family Message Center

Install a family message center in a central location in your home. Make sure that everyone uses it to communicate what is coming up, post shopping lists, post school papers that need to be signed, important reminders and more. I personally love the Daily System Components you can use to create your perfect Family Message Center at Pottery Barn. They fit in so well with my décor and they are on sale now!

message center pottery barn

6. Use the Internet

I cannot tell you what a time saver the Internet is for me.  I save time shopping and paying bills online. I also research to find the best prices and find coupons and promo codes to save even more on sites like  If you do have to go out to a store, take the time to bring up their sale flyer and write of list of what you need so you can get in and out faster.

on computer

7. Purge-Do a clothing and toy purge and make it fun.

Promise the kids a treat like going out for ice cream when you go to donate purged items. This way, you won’t drive around for months with those bags in your trunk. Trimming the excess from your lives will make you feel a lot lighter and make cleaning less of a chore.

8. Meal Planning

Plan your meals for the week and prepare a shopping list. This will simplify your shopping and you won’t be running out all the time to get something for dinner. Use a slow cooker or pressure cooker, you can find many like the Instant pot on to help you get dinner on the table easier and faster than ever. Make extra when you cook and freeze for future meals.

Instant Pot

9. Assign Chores

Giving kids jobs to do helps them learn responsibility and improves their self-esteem. Even little ones can help with certain tasks. You can find chore charts that make it easy to see who is supposed to do what, like this Magnetic, Dry Erase Chore Chart by Ubrands, at Target.

Chore Chart Target

10. Learn to Say No

This is so important because our inability to say NO effectively is the reason we end up with too much on our plate. It is okay to say NO and say it often. You can say, “I would love to help set up the school book fair, but I just cannot take on any new projects right now.” Once you say it a few times, it will get easier.

say no

I hope these time-saving tips have been helpful. What are some of your favorite time-saving tips?