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10 Totally Free Fall Activities Your Kids Will Love

Are you on a tight budget this fall? Maybe you’re saving up to do some major Christmas shopping soon, so you need to keep your spending at a minimum. Still want to get out and have fun with your kids, and create memories this Fall? You can do it! Here’s a list of 10 totally free fall activities your kids will actually love doing:

fall flowers

  • Pick Fall Flowers – It doesn’t cost a dime to get outside and pick pretty flowers, and fall flowers are full of fun, vibrant colors that will be perfect for decorating your home.
  • Go Hiking – My kids love hiking! We are blessed to live in the mountains, so we have lots and lots of hiking trails near us. We’ve discovered waterfalls, breathtaking views, gorgeous leaves, and more while out on a hike, and it didn’t cost us a penny to do it.
  • Jump in Leaf Piles – This is another fall activity my kids love to do. My only rule is that if they want to jump in the piles, they have to help rake them up first and again when we’re all done. This gets them in on the work, eliminates some of my stress, and we all have fun jumping in the piles.
  • Tell Ghost Stories Under a Blanket Fort – Who doesn’t love ghost stories under a blanket fort?! I remember doing this many times as a kid, and I’ve carried on the tradition with my own kids. (If you feel the need to stock up on blankets, you can always do so at Bed Bath and Beyond, but I’m sure your kids will still love using what you have on hand.)


  • Go Stargazing – Another fun, free thing to do with your kids. Pick a night when they don’t have school the next day, and let them stay up late to look at the stars with you. Have them try counting the stars, or even the number of falling stars they see. If you’re feeling ambitious, print off a constellation map and look for those in the night sky. (Just be sure you’ve already stocked up on ink cartridges from 123InkCartridges.)
  • Toss the Football Around – A rousing game of football is always fun! Get outside and toss that pigskin around. If your kids are too little for a rough game, come up with rules that will make the game fun for everyone.
  • Visit the Library – stock up on fall themed book. Your kids will love looking at picture books full of gorgeous fall colors.
  • Bob for Apples – This is always a hoot. My kids love trying to grab the apples out of the water, especially my snaggle-tooth elementary aged kids.

fall walk

  • Take a Long Walk – Don’t have a place to hike? Just take a walk. Enjoy the cool air, vibrant colors, and get out of the house for a little while.
  • Collect Acorns – My little girl is obsessed with acorns, so we’ve already got a good stash of them. These are great for fall decor, art projects, and more. Store them in a pretty mason jar, and they won’t be all over your house.

You can do each one of those activities with items you already have on hand, and they don’t require any kind of a budget at all. Here’s the thing: Kids don’t really care how much money you spend on them, they just want you to spend time with them. Put your cell phone away, and really enjoy the time with your kids. That will mean more to them than anything else you could do.