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10 Ways To Make Corn Interesting

There are no doubts regarding the status that corn holds in a traditional dinner table of an American family. You might like it best when on the cob with a hint of butter and pepper or have it in your salad with a cheese dressing. But you must accept the fact that kids don’t like to have the same taste every day. You must try something new to keep them hooked to the dinner table. Given the highly flexible nature of corn, you can create thousands of new tastes and recipes.
Read on to know some of the great ways to make your corn more interesting:

Corn chowder: All you have to do to make corn chowder is to add potatoes, onions, milk and some other seasoning to creamy corn. You can just serve it as the first course if you re serving out an elaborate dinner or just as an appetizer.

Pizza topping: This is one of the most widely form of corn used all over the world. Add different varieties of cheese and peppers to get different flavors and topping ideas.

Salad: How about trying corn as a part of your salad. Just add a dash of pepper and virgin olive oil along with some tomatoes to make a great summertime salad.

Corn bread: Not many people are aware of the idea of baking corn bread. If you have general baking skills with you, you can bake delicious corn bread and with a little experiment dish out sumptuous meals for your breakfast.

Corn soufflé: You can certainly try this dish for your thanksgiving dinner. If you have someone who is a corn lover, this is certainly the dish to go for as it needs a lot of corn to make dressing for breads.

Corn relish: Instead of your regular seasoning, try adding roasted rosemary chicken or red potatoes along with chopped onion to your bowl of corn. A perfect dish to end a warm summer day.

Grilled corn: Grilling can turn any simple meal into a mouth-watering dish. Try grilling corn with several other veggies like green onions, tomatoes and mushrooms. Add a hint of garlic butter and you will have all your kids running towards you.

Corn fritters: If your children have a sweet tooth, why not churn out corn fritters for them. Since it is made of milk, eggs, corn and flour, it is not only delicious but will also serve as a complete diet for them. You can use either maple syrup or powdered sugar to bring the sweetness.

Corn on cob: With a little innovation, you can transform this simple corn on the cob. Mix a spoonful of mayonnaise and cotija cheese in a bowl and add some chili powder and lime juice to it. Dab it on your cob and enjoy as you go.

Corn muffins: There is no doubt to the fact that muffins are every child’s favorite dish. Just replace the flour you normally use with corn flour and add toppings as per your taste.

Given the high nutrition value of corn, every mother wants her children to like it. So try these new and innovative ways to make the corn less boring and your children won’t complain you anymore about serving them corn every day.