Cheap and Easy Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day might make you cringe because of the commerciality of it, or because the prospect of spending hundreds of dollars on a holiday is something you can’t afford to do. Either way, it’s kind of not to celebrate it if you are paired with a significant other. Here are a few suggestions for easy and cheap fun that won’t make you feel like you’ve been taken advantage of by a holiday.

1. Be his/her servant and have a night in.This might mean making dinner, massages, cute coupons. doing laundry you don’t typically do, or anything else that indicates that you are putting your partner FIRST. Everybody likes to be pampered. Make his or her favorite meal or dessert, buy special ingredients for their favorite cocktail, or rent a favorite movie. Where that shirt he likes, or shave your beard like she likes.

2. Go ice skating. This can be done cheaply and feel super cozy and cute. Its something physical that encourages hand holding , and can be followed by a make-shift fire place picnic or a simple glass of wine or cup of hot chocolate, undistracted by tv, phones, and tablets. Get back to nature!

3. Apps and Drinks

Instead of going all out with an inevitable Vday pre-fixe menu at a pricey establishment, get dressed up and sit at the bar. Sharing a few appetizers will cut the bill in half. Agree to one cocktail each and surprise your loved one with cupcakes for dessert and a bottle of wine at home. Better yet, try an upscale chain restaurant. They WON’T hike their prices on you. Longhorn Steakhouse has high end fare at great prices, and that’s not including a coupon!

4. Enroll in a one-time cooking class. There is something really intimate about food and cooking, if you let it be intimate. You guys can make a date for the next weekend to try out your new skills. It will be fun to shop together and plan and create a meal together, with a glass of wine, of course. Instead of blowing cash on one meal, you’ve paid for skills to use over and over!

5. Do a one-night excursion. Check out Groupon, Living Social, and Travelzoo for deals on travel that are close to home. One night in a hotel room can feel like a quick getaway, whether or not you spring for the couples massage.

6. Buy “classic” romantic films like, Casablanca or “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. The black and white ambience and old-fashioned love story will go a long way. Cuddle up on the couch and enjoy with some inexpensive champagne and cupcakes. And yes, even cupcakes have coupons!