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2014’s Great and Easy Make-up Styles for Halloween

Need even more and better ideas for Halloween?! Well, PromosPro has some good ones for you with these creative and eerie, yet sexy face painting looks!


We have gathered a list of the best make-up styles to give you some inspiration, similar to what you see in the popular T.V. series Face Off.

Dare to be different, so consider adding a touch of the feisty tigress to a snow white look, Rarrr!

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For a night out of trick-or-treating with a kitty cat costume, all you need is a strong eye liner. Take a look at this captivating, original style. Who wouldn’t want to pet that? Can you say meow, baby!


Ready to play a game? This Halloween make-up look is creepy, but oh-so fabulous at the same time. You will need white past, black eye liner, and a red pencil. Click on the picture to get the details.

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What about this retro art make-up? If you are on a low budget, but still want to dress-up and have fun, just pick a cute outfit and get inspired to draw real art on your body and you’ll have the most unique style and receive the best compliments!


Have more ideas? Send us your pictures, tutorials, or looks and we will include them on our next blog!

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