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2014’s Halloween Costumes For Toddlers

No idea what to get your little one?

PromosPro has the countdown of 2014’s Cutest Halloween Costumes and Coupon Codes.

#7 We start off with this baby octopus made of stockings and a hat. If you are on a low budget but still want your toddler to enjoy this wonderful celebration, then choose your favorite stockings and use our coupon code to dress up!

baby octopus

#6 We couldn’t omit this classic: Breakfast at Tiffany’s! With this easy and adorable black dress to throw on for a night full of trick-or-treating and fun, your little Audrey will have an absolute ball!!

black dress

#5 Not only did we find Audrey, We also found this grumpy old man with a walker. In memory of all the sweet grandpas out there, this costume represents smashing good fun and quality time! Make Poppy proud!

grumpy old man with a walker

#4 What about Monster’s Inc? Here is this absolutely heart melting costume of Boo, the sweet little girl who befriended Sulley in Monsters, Inc., and you know your child would LOVE to be her for Halloween! Wonder where to get it? Visit Pinterest for all the materials you need.


Here is a link to get the best deals and savings at Toy’s R Us for all the essentials!

toys r us coupons

#3 And how can we forget about this sweet little guy? You can’t go wrong with one of your own.

sweet little guy

#2 In honor of all the great Hollywood movies this year, we have the cutest popcorn little man. This one is not full of butter, but full of adorableness! How cute is he?!

popcorn little man

OUR # 1 We finish off with a classic! It will be difficult to deny the fact that this well-known artist has some incomparable features So what better way to celebrate this holiday season than with an adorable Frida Kahlo ensemble? Think of all the great memories you’re going to create for your loved ones!

Frida Kahlo

We hope you can take our ideas and make it your own. Happy Halloween from!

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