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How to Pack for Your Summer Vacay

Trying to avoid baggage fees? Pack carefully. If you’re shopping for you new trip, shop carefully, too. You should buy and pack things that are not only lightweight, but are versatile. You want shoes you can wear with everything, tops that can be dressed up or down and jewelry that does it for you. If you’re shopping for your trip, buying the right items will save you from spending too much and being overwhelmed with packing. Try these looks:

1. Cut off shorts


See how versatile they are? You can do anything with denim or cut off shorts.

  • Dress them up with a blouse and heels for a casual dinner
  • Go boho chic with a flowy top on the boardwalk
  • As a cover up over your bikini
  • Shopping with a tank and flip flops

Do any of the above with flip flops for a casual look, wedges for a daytime chic look (love them with a plain white ribbed tank), or flip flops for a beach-y look. Mix it all up by adding chunky jewelry or hat. We are a bit obsessed with cut offs from Hollisteror something more tame from Vineyard Vines.

2. Metallic Sandals

2b.SANDAL-e1429902140895Metallic sandals go with everything. They brighten up a pair of cut off shorts, or complete a sundress, or  beachify a pair of white skinny jeans. Gold and or silver go with neutrals, brights, camo, denim, and everything else you can think of. We love these Michael Kors Sandals from Macy’s. We love filp flops for everyday, but investing in a nice pair of sandals can take you from day to night.

3. White Skinny Jeans

As seen above, they with everything. Throw on a striped tank for a day of shopping, or a flowing blouse and your metallic sandals for dinner. These are a staple. Go preppy with a button down, or casual with a t-shirt. We love white skinnies from both J. Crew for a mid-level price point.

4. Chambray shirt

One of the things I love about a good chambray shirt is that you can do anything with it. Throw it on with shorts, heels and chunky jewelry for a nighttime look, or use it as a beach cover up, unbuttoned. It contrasts well with white and yes, you can put denim on denim. We love it too with a flowery skirt over tied in a knot over a sundress. For an edgier look (or preppy one, depending on how you wear it), going sleeveless if you are certain you won’t need long sleeves. You can do denim on denim, denim on metallic, denim on white…you get the picture.

5. Patterned Blouse 

The thing about a patterned blouse is that if it wrinkles, it’s harder to see it. You can always hang your clothes in the bathroom while you let a hot shower steam it up, but with an hour of wear, a synthetic blouse with straighten itself out. Something lightweight with lots of colors to work with (bold flowers or abstract neutrals) will pretty much go with everything. We love Forever 21 for their bold prints. Try it with your cutoffs or white jeans, both with your metallic sandals.Gap