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3 Back-to-School Deals for the Last-Minute Shopper

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Last-minute shoppers:  you’ve won the jackpot.  Your kids are probably starting school this week, or may have even gone back last week, but there are still some pretty amazing Back-to-School deals going on right now.  Typically, this late into the season you don’t see as much variety as things are pretty well picked over, but we were amazed to find some top-notch pop items lingering around, including branded items such as Frozen and Skylanders.

For all the fortunate procrastinators out there, here are our top three favorite deals with drastically-reduced prices:

1. Branded Backpacks

Have you heard Let It Go so many times it makes you ill?  When we say, “Sure Shot Shroomboom,” do you recognize that we’re actually talking about elementary kids’ interests rather than those of partying college students?  Does your kid still need a backpack?

If so, you’re in luck.  Walmart has some jaw-dropping deals on branded backpacks, including Frozen and Skylanders.  You can find these, in addition to Hello Kitty, Spiderman, My Little Pony, WWE, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, for only $9.88.  Many of them even have the “pickup in store” option so you can skip out on paying anything additional for shipping.  For a whopping three dollars more you can score Star Wars, Avengers, Barbie, Doc McStuffins, or Cinderella designs.

2. School Uniforms

Sometimes when you go to get your kids dressed after the dog days of summer, you realize that their previously well-fitting uniform has turned into flood pants and a belly shirt.  Before you panic, check out Macy’s.  Their school uniform pieces are over 50% off, down to starting prices of $8.99 for polos and $13.99 for twill pants.  They also have a promotion going on right now where clothing orders over $75 can get free shipping and an additional 20% off.  That even applies to clearance items.

While places like Walmart do carry cheaper options, Macy’s brands are of a higher quality, and therefore likely to last longer.  If you think that was your child’s last growth spurt for a while, it’s worth it to spend a little more on the higher-quality pieces.  If you’re expecting another one around the corner, the lower-priced options will do just fine, as any clothes you buy them are less likely to fit them long enough to become overly worn.

3. Shoes

You know something’s right with the world when you can find a pair of Nikes for under $30.  Right now Nike is running a clearance sale on kids’ shoes with footwear going for up to 50% off.  Plus if you order today, you can still get in on a sweet promo code that gives you another 20% off clearance items.

Shop While They Last

If you’re at all concerned about missing out on specific items, go shop now.  Popular branded items will inevitably run out, and this late into the season retailers are not as motivated to restock their shelves.  Size or color options on clearance clothing and footwear will shrink.  Right now there is good stuff left.  If you need it, this is the time to go and get it.