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3 Modern Retro Fashion Trends for Fall 2016

Fall fashion trends are my favorite because the colder weather means cozier clothing. Comfort becomes king and the constraining and tight clothes of the summer fall by the wayside. Chunky knits keep the wind from chilling you when you’re outside, and if you’re not into sweaters, feel free to indulge in one of several fall-friendly jackets. If you’re a boot-lover, fall should be a time of celebration! Not only are they excellent companions for warm socks, but they also pair nicely with just about every other type of clothing. Skinny jeans and dresses are my personal favorites!

fall fashion outfit

These three trends take the common fall and autumn fashion styles and add a modern twist. Oddly enough, each trend is a new spin on an old trend from decades past. Grabbing an old favorite trend and giving it new life is what our current generation does best, and we’re getting all kinds of inspiration!

Combat boots

combat boots fall fashion trends

The 1990s are the sole reason that combat boots are coming back into style. The grunge era included a lot of well-worn, dirty, and scuffed up combat boots. This modern version is much cleaner, and includes creative details light bright color or extra buckles. I love the way they look with tights, or even with a cuffed pair of skinny jeans. Obviously motorcycle jackets look incredible when paired with lace-up boots, but you can pretty much add them to any outfit for some tough glamour. Even decades after their inception, Dr. Martens are still the best of the best. Check out our Dr. Martens coupons when you purchase your favorite pair.

Oversized clothing

Oversize coat fall fashion trends

All sorts of comfortable, oversized clothing is returning from past fashion eras. Extra large wool coats that resemble your Dad’s old coat are now being paired with slimmed down pants and cute shoes. Wide leg pants are some of the most notoriously oversized garments, and they’ve also come back with a high waist and lots of 1970s flair. Our favorite bags have been “oversized” for years, but they’re still worth mentioning here. Bags that are the size of beach totes come in soft leather and rich materials.

Bomber jackets

bomber jacket outfit fall fashion trend

This is my favorite trend of the upcoming fall season: bomber jackets. They are super comfortable, very stylish, and come in a wide array of fabrics, colors, patterns, and lengths. Some even combine the previous trend of oversized clothing with bomber jackets and make knee-length versions worn over leggings and sneakers. I prefer the highly feminine bomber jackets featuring couch-worthy floral prints or pastel satin. These jackets give off a sporty “athleisure” look without sacrificing any comfort, or requiring any workouts! NastyGal has some of the best designs at the most affordable prices. Combine your order with a NastyGal coupon code and get ready to shine in your new fall outfits!

What are your favorite trends of the upcoming season?