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3 Money-Saving Secrets for the Holiday Gifting Season

Now that Halloween is taken care of, we can all set our focus on the beginning of the gift season. Well, as long as you don’t count free candy from strangers as “gifts.” This year, I have a goal: to minimize the number of supplies I forget to buy, and hit everyone on my list with a great, affordable-but-awesome gift.

There are so many things on my “To Get” list, though, so I have to be diligent. Over the last several years, I have finely honed and perfected my methods of gifting which is why my goal is so lofty. I have some tricks up my sleeve, though, and I’m sharing them with you in this post. I take gifting very seriously, and each gift I get must delight the recipient without bankrupting me from all of the gift wrap and accessories.

I like to go over-the-top with my gifts, but I don’t want to lose all my cash in the process. Here are my top three tips for saving money in the holiday gifting season.


1. Don’t Forget or Underestimate the Dollar Store

Some people see the words “dollar store” and immediately think everything in there is going to be garbage. That could not be further from the truth. Dollar Stores are goldmines when it comes to the holiday season. They have everything you need from inexpensive, cute wrapping paper to party accessories and disposable dinnerware. For under $20, you can get everything you need to wrap this season and next season’s gifts. That dollar could quickly become $0.90 by saving up to 10% with our Dollar Tree coupons! I also like to pick up some bulk candy to slip into stocking and underneath ribbon bows on gifts. Candy is always appreciated!

necklace gift in the mail

2. Organize My Long Distance Gift Shipping

I have friends all over the world. In fact, my two best friends live in two completely different states from me, and from each other. While we wish we could all see each other around the holidays for a gift-giving bonanza, it’s not always in the cards. That’s why I use shipping services to get their goodies to them, and all of my other international friends. UPS has coupons that will save you big money on premium shipping options, so I use them to send my gifts off. I can store all of my BFF’s addresses in my address book, and I’m just a few clicks away from printing my own postage at home. It couldn’t be easier!


3. Use a Rewards Program

There are tons of great ways to get cash kickbacks when you shop online. Many services will deposit a lump sum into your Paypal account or send you a check. Others will use credits and tokens, which you can exchange for gift cards, cash, or exclusive discounts.Swagbucks offers tons of coupons and savings. Using Swagbucks as their currency, you can participate in promotions from their partners and receive bonuses for shopping at certain stores.