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3 Reasons Why You Should Simplify Your Life

As a mom of 8, I know it sounds silly that I’m talking about simplifying your life. After all, how “simple” can the life of a crazy mom be? Honestly, it’s quite simple. It has to be. If I lived a cluttered, chaotic life, I would never be able to accomplish anything.

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I want to give you 3 good reasons why you should simplify your life, and tomorrow, I’ll tell you HOW to simplify your life.

  • Less Clutter = Less Stress – Sure, we all like stuff. We want to have the newest gadgets, the coolest toys, and the things we think we need to make us happy. But, what happens when you have too much stuff? Things get cluttered. If you’re like me, that clutter can make you absolutely crazy. So much stuff and nowhere to put it. If you don’t have all of that stuff, you keep the clutter down, and it’s easier to manage what you do have. It makes organization so much easier. If you check out these promo codes from Garage Organization, you can get a great deal… and get your car back into your garage!

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  • Life is Quickly Passing By! – When you are constantly busy, always running, going, going, going… how can you ever stop and just smell the roses? Did you even realize there were roses right there? With 8 kids, it would be super easy to constantly be running all the time. But, we set certain rules to keep things from getting too busy or crazy. For example, only one child can be in sports at a time, unless two can play on teams that play before or after each other and the practice schedules won’t overlap. My kids understand this, and they love it. They support and cheer for the one (or two) in sports, and they get even more excited when it’s their turn to play. Yes, all of our seasons are covered, BUT, we still enjoy family time, we still eat dinner together as a family, and we get to be together. Kids grow so quickly. Make sure you take some time and enjoy them while they’re still young.

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  • You Forget Who YOU are When Surrounded by Chaos – I’ve let my life get chaotic — to the point that I have actually forgotten my own name. (I could only remember the word “Mom.” I am not even kidding.) It was at that moment I realized my life was too crazy, and I needed to slow down and refocus my priorities. I needed to rediscover who I was, and what my purpose was for being here. I took a day off, hit the local spa, and reconnected with myself and who I am. It has made all the difference in the world. Check out these Heavenly Spa promo codes to save money on your own spa day.

Think about your favorite song coming on the radio, but there’s too much noise in the background to hear it well. You turn up the volume on the radio to make your song louder, but the song just doesn’t sound as good as you know it could. The only way it’s going to sound better is to get rid of the background noise. That’s how life is. When you remove the “background noise,” you begin to enjoy life a little more.