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3 Things to Do with Kids in Philly This Summer

Want to get away, but can’t necessarily take a cross-country trip?

If you live in the Northeast, you have a lot of options on fun-filled places to visit. Yesterday we covered the Niagara Falls area, and today, we want to introduce you to some of the great, kid-friendly attractions the Philadelphia area has to offer.

You’ll read about water parks, character meetups, exploratory art combined with tech and out-of-this-world science features that will make your head spin. It’s kind of like visiting Orlando, only a heck of a lot cheaper.

Sesame Place

In Langhorne, PA, Half an hour northeast of the city proper, all of your child’s favorite characters from Sesame Street are hanging out at a magical theme park called Sesame Place. You’ll be able to dine with Elmo, head to a barbeque hosted by Big Bird, or check out other seasonal dining events with Abby, Grover and other Sesame Street pals.

Friendly faces at dinner isn’t all Sesame Place has to offer, though. There are rides for the whole family. Younger visitors will love Snuffy’s Slides, Oscar’s Rusty Rocket and Flying Cookie Jars a la Cookie Monster. If you have older kids, they’ll get a kick out of the high-flying ride called Blast Off—which takes you to a faraway planet up in the clouds called Planet Elmo at dizzying speeds.

Our favorite part of Sesame Place, though, is the water park. From mega water slides to stimulating water parks to lazy rivers, there’s something for everyone as you keep cool in the summer heat. The do-not-miss attraction for those with young kids is The Count’s Splash Castle, which encourages creative play with the cool and age-appropriate sensory stimulus of water.

Crayola Experience

Easton, PA is about an hour and half north of the city, but well worth the drive. There, you’ll find Crayola Experience. It’s an insanely fun destination that truly encompasses the STEAM movement. Its base is art, as you’d imagine. But from there, your kids will be able to turn their creations into a 4D adventure, learn how to make their own crayons, become a crayon themselves as a 3D animation mimics their every move, and even learn about Spirographs with crayon wax drips and centripetal movement.

The Franklin Institute

Looking for something inside the city limits? There’s no shortage of options, but one of our favorites is the Franklin Institute. Inspired by the work of Ben himself, this educational attraction combines hard science with copious amounts of fun.

Your kids (and you!) will be totally geeked as you make your way through mirror mazes, find your way out of escape rooms, learn about VR and watch one of any number of shows at the planetarium. You may even be able to catch a Live Science show on stage!

While you’re there, you’ll also want to mosy on out to the rotunda to see the Benjamin Franklin Memorial. Large and imposing, it inspires reverence for the great Renaissance man that played such a huge role in the negotiations that led to the formation of our country. Although it was built in 1938, in 1972 it officially became the United States’ official memorial to this impressive founding father.