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3 Ways to Catch Black Friday Deals Early

It can be hard to plan out your holiday shopping when all of the best deals are kept secret until one special day: Black Friday. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just walk into a store and ask, “Hey, how much will this laptop cost on Black Friday?” or “Should I wait to buy these boots until they day after Thanksgiving?” Instead, we have to get crafty about our price research. Luckily, there are a few ways to stay ahead of the game this holiday season. Here are our three top tips for catching Black Friday deals ahead of time and saving yourself a bunch of money

Theresa Loves Black Friday

1. Sign Up for Store Newsletters

Stores love loyalty. If you’re willing to give your email address to your favorite stores, they will rewards you with coupons, sale notifications, and insider deals. Frequently, they’ll let their newsletter subscribers know about upcoming sales and discounts. This also counts for coupon websites and flash sale websites. The sooner you subscribe, the better chance you’ll catch that secret sale info before everyone else!

2. Watch Social Media

Stores and brands have people hired specifically to release deals on social media. To attract people to their Facebook pages, Twitter pages, and Instagam pages, brands will give exclusive coupon codes and special deals to the fans who check in throughout the day. Black Friday is coming soon, and they’re going to start exciting their customers with news releases about future sales. Frequently, stores will run giveaways and contests through social media, as well, offering free products or gift cards to those who follow them. Head to your favorite social network and follow your most-shopped brands to participate in the fun!

3. Collect Coupons Early

Take it from me, coupon sites aren’t going to let you down this Black Friday. By checking in with sites like ours, you could save 20% on your Toys R Us haul, or even take $10 off your purchase from Walmart with coupons! Check the expiration date on your favorite coupons, it should be listed along with the savings. You can find the expiration date on the bottom left of all of our coupons. Maybe of our coupons are good until the year 2017! These long-term coupons are frequently kept quiet, so be sure to scan your favorite stores for deals they don’t advertise.

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It goes without saying that we want to help you get the best deal possible. Keep checking back to see more tips about how to save the most money on Black Friday sales!