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3 Wrapping Paper Alternatives to Lower Holiday Waste

With constant coverage of environmental issues and a growing concern over how much waste we create, the holidays can seem really extravagant and excessive. But who wants to stop giving gifts? It’s one of the best parts of this season! But all of the paper, ribbon, and tape can create huge amounts of waste. This year when you’re putting your gifts together, consider using some of these alternatives to conventional wrapping paper.

The best part about reusable, green wrapping paper is that it acts as a second gift because the recipient can reuse it, as well!

Fabric Bags

Brightly colors and patterned bags disguise themselves quickly as wrapping paper once their openings are cinched up. Many fabric bag-style wraps have places for cards and gift tags. These bags are easy to sew if you have basic skills, and if you’re advanced, you might consider starting a business. Reusable gift wrap bags are taking over the internet! Save money when you stock up with Etsy promo codes, because there are hundreds on Etsy waiting to be bought & wrapped around gifts for your loved ones.

Red Floral Print Square Scarf for Reusable Gift Wrap


It’s very common in Japan to wrap gifts (which are frequently given) in scarves or large, beautiful pieces of fabric. A common method of tying the scarf is done by placing the gift in the center of the square of fabric, then bringing two opposite corners together and tying them once or twice. Then, repeat with the other two corners, and you have a beautiful and secure package.

When selecting a scarf to use as gift wrap, look for large scarves with thin material. The wider the scarf, the better, as skinnier ones won’t fully cover most packages. Squares are optimal, but not required! Use ribbon and cord to secure the scarf once you’ve got it where you want it. Save 40% on perfect scarves from SheIn using coupon codes

Polka Dot Grocery Bag Wrapping Paper

Reuse Paper Grocery Bags

The paper bags you get from the grocery store go from garbage can to hipster home good when you cut the bag along the seams and turn it inside out. After that, it’s basically just brown craft paper, waiting for you to decorate it with felt tipped pens, or just cover it in rustic ribbons and twine for a country holiday look. Twine can be found at hardware stores for very low prices. Use a Lowes coupon to get a discount on your next hardware store trip for craft supplies!

Have you heard of any other brilliant gift wrap ideas that aren’t on this list? Let us know in the comments!