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4 Fun Family Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving is usually centered around great food but it’s important to have some fun family Thanksgiving activities to help things to run smoothly.  “These kids are going to drive me nuts”, is that the first thought that comes to mind when you envision Thanksgiving day? I mean, you know, after turkey, stuffing, talking about what to be grateful for and football.  Always football!!!!!  Admit it, secretly, you’re terrified of having a full house of family members and friends to entertain while you have to create a million amazing recipes.

4 Fun Family Thanksgiving Activities

Lots of places are closed on Thanksgiving, but there are still tons of fun things to do, either in your hometown, outside or even in your living room. Planning ahead and getting everything you need in advance will ensure that everyone will be able to participate in fun family Thanksgiving Activities.  

4 Fun Family Thanksgiving Activities

4 Fun Family Thanksgiving Activities

Catch up on the newest movies of the year.

Are you a Harry Potter fan? If so, make sure you hop on FandangoNOW and grab tickets for your family to watch ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’.

Not wanting to leave the house? That’s fine, turn on the fireplace and heat up some hot chocolate, it’s time to turn on Netflix and have everyone write their choice of movie and place it in a hat. Shake it around, and watch it in the order it’s drawn it.

This is the perfect time to serve up some delicious leftover desserts or some fresh buttery popcorn!

4 Fun Family Thanksgiving Activities

Create some healthy competition

Let’s be honest, throw a bunch of boys and men into a room, and somehow it’s a race to show who’s the most “masculine”, whether it’s through arm wrestling or flag football, there’s always a match.

What if there’s snow outside and let’s be honest, you don’t want anything to break inside, what’s a person to do? This is where the teenagers become happy. Give them permission to bring out their game console for some zombie killing or mystery solving, team playing video gaming.

4 Fun Family Thanksgiving Activities

Wondering what game to play? Gamesdeal.com is the perfect place to browse for ideas.

Not into video games? Alright, Toys R’ Us is filled with aisles of board games and physical games. Twister is a tried and true fun game. So is Karaoke. Dust off your singing voice, it’s time to impersonate Adele, if you dare!

4 Fun Family Thanksgiving Activities

Explore Your City

If you live in a metropolis and you have family from out of town visiting, be sure to know what’s going on in your town. There may be an amazing parade the kids will just love. Or perhaps in the evening there’s a show you know your parents would be pleasantly surprised to see.

Even if you live in a small town, take advantage of your trails if you have warmer weather.

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful, to realize your blessings and to be a blessing to others. As a family, you can create care packages and donate them to shelters or even volunteer at a soup kitchen.

4 Fun Family Thanksgiving Activities

Create A Memory Calendar or Photo Book

Capture the moments of family fun and keep the memory alive always, by creating a photo book. Ask family members to try to gather as many photos throughout the day (or tell the teens, since they’re most likely already doing that).

At the end of the night, gather around sharing the funniest, scariest, most heart-felt images of the day and using Brookhollow Cards to create a family Calendar with all of the photos you gathered together as a family.  Making a photo book or Calendar with family photos is a great gift to pass out at Christmas or New Years.   

4 Fun Family Thanksgiving Activities

If you go out and about ask someone to snap a photo of your huge group together having some fun family time.  

This Thanksgiving, make it one to remember. Embrace the chaos of a full house. Sing as loud as you can, play as smart as you can, hug as much as you can, and love with all of your heart. I hope you enjoy these fun family Thanksgiving activities that should keep your family busy for the whole day.