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4 Great Reasons to Start Bullet Journaling

Have you tried it yet? Bullet journaling, that is. It’s the latest craze in planning and organization. Everyone from high school students to executives are bullet journaling, and for good reason. Not only is it fun, but it turns out that being creative daily is actually really good for you.

All you need is a journal, pens, and determination. Oh, and the willingness to let your imagination run free. A great journal to start with is a Moleskine, or even a basic, dotted notebook. If you’re looking to go pro, get yourself a Filofax journal and fill it with dotted pages. Filofax journals are refillable and of exceptional quality, so be prepared to use it for years to come.

While you’re writing out the important details of your week, use colors, shapes, and design elements guide your pen. Before you know it, you’ll be developing systems that maximize your daily productivity while also giving you a creative boost every time you look at your schedule!

It’s Creative

It’s no secret that, as we age, our opportunity for creativity goes out the window. We’re no longer encouraged to color or draw, we just stick to bills, deadlines, and retirement plans.

That ends with bullet journaling. For those of us who feel guilty for spending time away from work, bullet journals are a great way to inject some mandatory creativity into your day. Using several different colors, playing with fonts, and even drawing shapes can help your brain function better. A big part of the brain’s job is to provide you with imagination, so let it soar.

It’s Soothing

While you’re getting your creative back scratched, you’ll also be giving your stress-centers a massage. Studies have shown that drawing and coloring, as an adult, can reduce stress. Imagine if you de-stressed yourself every time you added something to your schedule. What the heck?! That’s about as close to magic as you can get, and is a total help during busy work weeks.

It Keeps You Organized

Obviously, the best part about a bullet journal is that it keeps you organized. If you struggle to maintain a regular day-planner, definitely give a bullet journal a try. It’s different than your average notebook or schedule in that… you design it! And if you want, it can be different from week to week.

Best of all, you can build in features that don’t currently exist in other planners. Keep track of what Netflix shows you want to watch, where to get the best burgers in your state, or even a simple list of your favorite words or lyrics. Mixing these uplifting pages into your daily schedule can make journaling into a task to look forward to.

It Shows Your Progress

Bullet journals might be primarily a day planner and idea tracker, but they’re also a log of your progress and improvements. Being able to flip back through the year and see the changes in your doodles and handwriting is valuable, and having a reference for how you were feeling during a different time can be great for self-reflection.

A bullet journal can help you learn about yourself in several ways, but mostly it can help you soothe your stress, boost your creativity, and stay organized. In the meantime, you’ll be picking up drawing and lettering skills, understanding the way your brain organizes information, and most importantly, having fun.

Why did you start your bullet journal? Leave us a note in the comments!