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4 Hip Fashion Brands Who Are Healing the World

This month is Pride Month, where people of all ages, races, and sexualities are encouraged to celebrate their differences by throwing glamorous parties, raising money for HIV research and awareness, and participating in philanthropic events across the world. Brands, organizations, and individuals are all rising up to support each other, and it’s hard to ignore their compassion – especially when it comes to brands.

For a company to puts its heart into politics requires extreme bravery and assurance. In this case, lending your company’s influential power to a social cause can influence thousands (if not millions) of people to generate support for… whatever needs support! There are tons of causes that deserve attention, and luckily, there are enough companies in the world to donate their efforts to charitable organizations across the board.


This is the company that notoriously popularized the one-for-one business model which donates one of their own products to someone in need for every product sold. It’s a genius program, and they sent shoes to over 60 million men, women, and children who needed them. Their shoes are some of the most comfortable and versatile shoes around which is why young people fell in love with the easy, casual styles which popularized them across the globe.

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Combat Flip Flops

Similar to TOMS, this shoe company aims to benefit the people who need support just as much as the people who buy the product. Their stylish flip flops are made by people in war-torn areas who are desperately seeking opportunities for stability and independence. Right now, that location is Bogota, where Combat Flip Flops employs men and women to help them reach their goals. Also, each pair of flip flops sold helps keep an Afghan girl in secondary school for an additional day.

In addition to flip flops, the two veterans that run Combat Flip Flops offer other accessories with their own philanthropic functions. Use a Combat Flip Flops promotion to start your collection of thoughtful summer footwear.

Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought is making eco-friendly fabric accessible to everyone who wears t-shirts. They entered the fashion industry ready to turn sustainability into the next trend. Founders of the brand began by creating graphic t-shirts with “designs inspired by causes that move them” and it’s definitely working. Now, they’ve expanded into everyday fashion and activewear for men and women. Best of all, their prices are affordable.


Graphic t-shirts are one of the most common fashion items in the world. Finding unique and clever graphic t-shirts with good quality designs is hard to do, and that’s where DesignByHumans comes in.

They use the power of crowdsourcing to give the best independent designers on the web a platform to publicize and sell their art. There’s a little something for everyone at DesignByHumans, and best of all, they have an entire section of shirts that, when purchased, donate 25% of the proceeds to charity, and during campaigns, $8 per shirt is donated. During one of their sales, use a DesignByHuman coupon to save 10% off your order and still donate to charity!

For businesses to take the time to campaign for social justice around the globe is not only admirable, but it may be necessary. Capitalism is here, and brands have more influence over consumers than ever before. If they can popularize the concept of “voting with your dollar,” who knows what kind of support and services we’ll be able to provide for people in need!? Next time you’re doing a wardrobe update, consider shopping with one of these four charitable fashion brands and start making a difference with your style!