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4 of the Best Theme Parks to Visit during Your Summer Vacation on a Budget

Planning a visit to a theme park may seem like it is going to break the budget. There are quite a few options, with discounts available often, to make a theme park visit affordable. It is always a good idea to have a good, hearty meal before your day begins to save some money.

Cedar Point

Cedar Point is located in Sandusky, Ohio. Season passes are available at a discounted rate. Savings on admission can also be found through local grocery stores, auto dealerships, and Groupon. Its newest roller coaster, Valravn, has a steep 214-foot drop and reaches speeds up to 75-MPH. It is the tallest and fastest rollercoaster of its class in the world. Another popular attraction is Millennium Force, which is classified as a giga-coaster.ferris-wheel-459856_1920

Ample rides and attractions, including water features, are available for visitors of all ages. Cedar Point does have a large kid-friendly area with safe rides for younger visitors. This theme park also offers a variety of food options, ranging from quick-service meals to healthy options at sit-down dining locations.


Dolly Parton is the inspiration behind Dollywood. She is a people person and loves watching visitors enjoy her well-laid out theme park. Dollywood is affordable for even tight budgets as Dolly always has families in mind. The main attraction here is the Lightning Rod. This roller coaster is the first wooden launch coaster in the world. It is also the fastest of its kind.sunset-958145

Attractions for the entire family, along with live entertainment makes Dollywood a real experience, rather than a trip to a run-of-the-mill theme park.

Knotts Berry Farm

Families from around the world travel to California to visit Knott’s Berry Farm. This theme park is known for its family-friendly environment and home cooked menu. Boysenberry pie is a favorite among visitors. The park recently celebrated its 75th anniversary with a renovation of Ghost Town with Millennium Flyer trains and a new roller coaster track.

Special pricing promotions are often found for this theme park on its website, through local vendors and discount websites. The most common times of the year to find discounts are in the beginning of the season and around major holidays, such as 4th of July and Halloween.efa092657a92c237d38aa398f057d931

Kentucky Kingdom

Kentucky Kingdom reopened under new ownership in 2014. Since its re-launch, a new roller coaster was added called the Storm Chaser. It was created by using a portion of the wooden coaster, Twisted Twins. This coaster is rather exciting and is what draws families in from all over the world with its barrel drop feature – from 10-stories high no less.

Many of the attractions at Kentucky Kingdom are named after things in nature and the weather.

Closing Thoughts

If the theme park you plan to visit has a picnic area, consider taking in your own food items and drinks. Theme park food and drinks are expensive. Be prepared with discount coupons and take advantage of special package deals to make your budget go a little further.