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4 Stellar Gift Ideas for High School Grads

gift ideas for high school grads

High school graduation is right around the corner.  With it comes commencement, teary eyes, joy, and tons of graduation parties.  If you’re at a loss for what to gift the recent grad, we have some stellar ideas lined up for you.

Go Traditional With a Twist

The most common (and likely most appreciated) gift for high school graduates is cold, hard cash.  With the cost of tuition and textbooks nowadays, it’s no wonder.  The college experience will likely be the first time this newly minted adult will have fully managed their own finances, though, so we advise giving cash with a twist.  If you look on Amazon, there are plenty of great money titles for college students like ‘Confessions of a Scholarship Winner,’ and ‘College Secrets: How to Save Money, Cut College Costs, and Graduate Debt Free.’  Slide your cash gift into one of these money savvy tomes, and you won’t just be gifting money for one big event; you’ll be gifting financial wisdom to last at least four years.

Give the Gift of Transportation

Many college campuses don’t allow freshmen to bring their cars.  When they do, there are typically fees to do so on top of insurance and car payments.  Make getting around campus easier, keeping in mind what the setting of their institution of choice will be.

Are they going to a rural or suburban campus where the college’s buildings are spread out over miles, or where accessing entertainment in town will be a bit of a hike?  Consider getting them a decent bike so they can get to class quicker, sleeping in longer before having to rush to that first 8 AM lecture.

Is the campus urban?  If so, public transport will probably give them access to everywhere they need to go.  Get them a bus pass, metro pass, or whatever other mode of transport makes things easiest for them in the new city they will be calling home.

Give Something Personal

Commemorating big events with a tasteful keepsake is always meaningful, and high school graduation is nothing if not a big event.  Check out websites such as GiftsForYouNow that offer classy gifts at a low price.  Right now there are tons of sales going on for graduation gifts in this sector, like 10% off graduation drinkware, free shipping over $40, and 15% off select graduation gifts (think photo frames and throw blankets.)

Give the Gift of Dorm Freedom

Dorms are often the first place college students feel like they can truly call their own.  Those dorms need things like bedsheets, towels, mini fridges, and the cliched poster or two.  Instead of inflicting your own style on these necessities, buy them a gift card so they can design their new space themselves.  Gift cards are of course available almost everywhere, but Target is a really popular place for young adults to shop for their dormitory needs.  Have them send you a picture of their room once they’re settled.  They’ll love to show their first place!