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4 Summer Fashion Tips for Kids

Helping your kids look their best means that moms and dads have to keep up on the latest trends in children’s fashion. For the summer of 2016, many of the trends are based upon lifestyles such as creative spirits, environmentalists, and technology-driven. The trends for this summer don’t require much for extra spending, just a bit of creativity with a few key pieces.

The Naturalist Look

Naturalists prefer natural materials, simple designs, and natural hair colors. Children will prefer earth-toned clothing made from lightweight, natural fabrics. This produces a clean look. A natural, clean look is ideal for a night-in with your children while cooking a Blue Apron or other gourmet meal. Cooking with children helps them learn about fresh ingredients and how to prepare them. With a naturalist approach to fashion, children often connect well with cooking and gardening.little_gardener

Colorful Charm

The colorful charm, or curious charmer trend, is for those that are very creative. An outfit in this trend would fit in perfectly for a day trip to a kid-friendly destination like LEGOLAND Discovery Center where creativity reigns supreme. In this trend, children wear bright colors in bold patterns. Some solids should be mixed in so that the designs are not overwhelming. Allow your children to express their creative minds through fashion, with a bit of assistance in outfit completion.finger-prints-1390573944lZ6


The seafarers, or sea scribe trend for children this summer, describes children that prefer to be outdoors rather than inside with video games and television. These children are attracted to using their hands and embellishing their own clothes. Spending a few hours with them designing t-shirts on resources like SunFrog Shirts may help them develop their own local trend. The seafarers trend is best described as Japanese influenced with intricate designs and bold colors.

Up and Coming

The technology-driven children are likely to fall into the futuristic trend when it comes to clothing. The style here is mainly professional, what used to be called “prep”, is now futuristic. Clothing items in this trend have simple colors, contrasting trim and clean lines. When meeting at an upscale location with a group of friends, like a discovery date at The Children’s Place, following this trend displays the knowledge to dress well in public to make a good impression. The futuristic trend is for those that believe in making good impressions, looking forward to the future, and incorporating wearable

Bottom Line

Children’s fashions for this summer are based upon themes and real-life trends. A simple piece for the futuristic trend followers would be items that allow pockets for specific mobile devices, as an example. Some of these trends can be created at home, without spending much money on a completely new wardrobe. Children’s fashion trends change often, it not more-so than adult fashion trends. It works well to embellish on what is already available and add in a few key pieces that can be used in multiple settings with a few changes to tops, bottoms, or accessories.