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4 Swimwear Styles to Try This Summer


Buying a new piece of swimwear always fun. Getting to try on new styles and new colors for the season is a way to get excited for the coming months. That being said, there can be a downside to swimsuit shopping. Like, are bikinis still in style? What looks good? What’s comfortable? And, what’s at a price that you can afford?

We’re here to give you some swimwear style tips you can try this summer, which look just as good as the price tag!


1) The Classic Bikini

For many women, a bikini is go-to for swimwear. But, these days, with more and more bikini choices out there, it’s actually harder to find one that fits the way it should. And, sometimes, for the little material you’re getting, it can seem ridiculous to spend so much on something you’re only going to wear for one season. But, if you check out the selection at Target where you can get great discounts, including free shipping on orders over $35, you might just find something you love!


2) The Sexy One-Piece

One-piece bathing suits have been making a comeback recently, and now they are sexier than ever. However, unlike bikinis, it might be harder to find something like this, especially at a price that you like. Take a look at Wala Swimsuits where they’re having 15% off your first order to get the best of both worlds!


3) The Tankini

If you like bikinis but feel more comfortable when you have just a little more covered, then a tankini is calling your name. Nowadays, there are so many different types of tankinis and you’re more likely to have an easy time finding a set that fits you best. Swimsuits For All has a beautiful selection of tankinis for women of all shapes and sizes. And, you can get 10% off sitewide!


4) The Sporty Style

Last but not least, the “typical” swimsuit style might not be the preferred choice for a lot of women out there. Some women like to go with a sporty style of bathingsuit, or something that can let them actually swim well in the water or play some beach volleyball while they dry off. Others might just want to have more protection from the sun than a bikini or one-piece would provide. South Beach Swimsuits should have something you’re looking for. Get your sporty swimsuit at 10% off when you sign up, or check the clearance page for up to 90% off!

These are just a few of the swimwear styles that are out there. But, since you now know where to find all the good prices, feel free to explore your fashion preference a little more!