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4 Things to Keep in Mind When Taking Back to School Photos

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Back to school photos are great family memories that come in handy at high school graduation time, weddings, or any special occasions that show life progression. You do, however, have to be a little careful when taking them. The world isn’t as safe as it used to be, and the more diligent you are with how your pictures are taken and displayed, the safer your children can stay.

Also, keep in mind that your children may not want a dozen photos taken of them. A couple of each child is sufficient.

Don’t Show School Information

You do not want any photos of your children on the Internet or on your phone that show their school’s name or a full view of the bus that has any type of detail giving away the school district your children attend.


You can still take these photos, though. If you’d like to take one in front of the school or in front of their classroom, make sure the background is solid and nothing with text that gives away the school’s name is visible. For photos in front of the bus, consider a photo by the front tire or directly in front of the door, without any letters being available – not even the school bus number should be visible.

Make Backgrounds Generic

It may not seem like much fun, but back to school photos should be kept generic in the background, especially if you are taking photos of back-to-school shopping. Do not take photos that give away a store’s name or location. It is hard to keep branding out of photos when shopping at stores like Target, Walmart, Old Navy, and Ross because their branding is everywhere. Be creative and make your own simple background if you have to.


Remove Geotags

You don’t want anyone that does not know you to see a shared photo and know where you shop or the city that you live in. Make sure all of your social media accounts require approval for tagging or make sure your friends/family are reminded not to tag you in specific locations when sharing your back-to-school photos.

It is unsafe to share a photo with the geotag of Gap Kids in Anywhere, USA because that will tell a potential predator that you like to shop at that store and shows a general location for you.

Move Photos off of Mobile Devices

It is a good idea to move any photos of your children for back to school onto a flash drive. The devices that you take with you the most often when you are out should be free from photos that could put your family in danger. Only keep generic photos on devices that leave your home with you.

Final Thoughts

You should not be afraid to or deterred from taking back to school pictures. They are important. Just be careful with how much you show. Use a photo editor to cut out parts of words or landmarks that seem to have snuck their way in. Photo editors help you personalize each photo to cover up anything that might be too specific.