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4 Tips to Get Your Kids Out The Door On Time

Here in the Northeast, the first day for school is Tuesday. My husband recently confessed how much he hates the thought of it, as it means getting back to the daily grind of keeping the kids on a schedule and playing race the clock every morning. In those first few days, it is especially nerve wracking, not knowing when the bus will actually arrive, getting the kids to shake a leg and snapping those first day of school photos. In an effort to make our morning routine as smooth as possible, I have done some research on tried and true morning time management hacks. I am excited to share them in an effort to help other parents going through the same thing.

Prepare at Night

I know, you have probably heard this at least one hundred times, but it really works. Lay out your kid’s clothing, pack their lunch, know what they will have for breakfast, pack their backpack and set your alarm. Being prepared will save you a lot of time and get the day off to a less stressful start.

Rewards and Consequences

Some parents have good results in holding their kids responsible if they drag their feet and rewarding them when they are proactive in making sure that they are out the door on time. You could take away TV or tablet privileges if they miss the bus as well as, give them an incentive like a small treat, toy or something else if they make it through the week without being late.

Make it a Competition

Kids are naturally competitive, so turn your morning routine into a real race. Who can get dressed, brush their teeth, eat breakfast, grab their things and get to the door faster? Keep track and at the end of the week, do something special for the winner. Before long you will have kids working to get to the door first, which will make your mornings much easier.

A Place For Everything

Keep car keys hung up by door, if you don’t have a closet nearby, use a coat tree to hold your kid’s backpacks and jackets. Have a family message center to post reminders like remembering a musical instrument, library books or school projects. You can find all these things in stores like Target or Pottery Barn.