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4 Ways to Garden Without a Backyard

Don’t let your land-owning friends make you feel guilty about living in the city. Apartment living and vertical housing in densely populated areas is one of the most sustainable ways to live! There’s no reason you shouldn’t have your loft and garden in it, too.

Grow your own herbs! Cut your own flowers! Care for your very own baby succulents, and reap the benefits of cleaner air and the cozy feeling of being near nature. Use these clever tips and tricks to add some extra-sustainability to your home.


Add Flower Boxes to Your Windows

This is the easiest way to add some garden flair to your third story walk-up, or even your shared home. There are tons of styles to choose from, so you’ll be able to match the look to your style of home. Some places with Home Owners Associations may have guidelines for you to follow when placing planter boxes, so be sure to check with your HOA first, if necessary.

Utilize Wall Space with Palette Garden DIYs

This is an incredibly clever idea that has grown in popularity (pun definitely intended) thanks to Pinterest. People all over the world have been repurposing food-grade, wooden palettes used for shipping, creating gorgeous and functional herb and flower wall planters.

First, you’ll need to source a palette. If you’re growing edible plants, be sure to use a heat-treated palette (marked with HT). If you’re just planting decorative plants, you can get away with using chemical-treated wood. After that, you just need a few more tools that you can pick up from a hardware store like Tractor Supply. If you end up shopping online, use a Tractor Supply coupon to save 10% or more on your purchase!


Use Clever Ideas for Growing Herbs

Speaking of Pinterest, there are tons of ideas (each idea is .0001 lbs., in case you need that sentence to make sense) about how to bring the outside… inside. That website is a bastian of hope for city-dwellers that just miss being able to put their hands in the soil and make life (and food) happen.

The absolute easiest way to accomplish this is through a personal herb garden. You know what plants need to survive: a container, dirt, nutrition, water, and sunlight. Those things are all easily accessed in most cities, all you need are some cute, functional containers.

I remember when I first saw the clever way IKEA incorporated herbs into their kitchen designs. I was hooked! (Pun, once again, fully intended.)


Just a simple towel rack can be transformed into a brilliant and organized way to display and grow your herbs. These are on the plain side, however, so if your tastes are more exciting, you can find vintage or custom hardware instead. Check Restoration Hardware, because our promotions can save you up to 50%, so it’s well worth the look!

Join a Community Garden

If you’re located in America, you might not even know that you’re within a few miles of a community-maintained garden! This is a magical place where people who love sustainability and gardening get together to co-own a patch of green land where everyone is allowed to grow and eat the foods. Find your US-based local community garden here!

It’s not just America, though – far from it. Community gardens exist all over the world! Most major cities have a Community Gardening Association, like this one in Toronto – the TCGN.


The organization that manages your community garden may have some extra gardening supplies in case you aren’t equipped, but why risk it? Investing in these tools will be minimally expensive, especially when you can save 40% on your order from Home Depot, and they definitely have all the supplies you need. Just grab a pair of gardening gloves and get to work!