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40 Family Friendly Fall Activities

40 Family friendly fall activities include visiting a pumpkin patch.

From pumpkin festivals, to gourd shows, to street fairs, fall is the time to get outside and mingle at these small town events with your family. You’ll likely find great fair food, fun games and a family friendly atmosphere at most fall festivals, but fall festivals aren’t the only fall activities that should lure you outside before the cold winds begin to blow and winter sets in. Here are 40 family friendly fall activities that will keep you busy on the weekends.

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins.
  2. Take a fall farm tour.
  3. Visit your local apple orchard and pick apples.
  4. Go on a hayride.
  5. Eat donuts and drink apple cider for breakfast.
  6. Go on a hike.
  7. Go on a leaf peeping drive to see leaves changing colors.
  8. Carve a jack-o-lantern.
  9. Make a scarecrow.
  10. Decorate your home for fall.
  11. Go to a craft show and buy something new- or better yet, get ideas for crafts you can make at home.
  12. Go to a farmer’s market, shop and create a new recipe.
  13. Go on a covered bridges tour.
  14. Visit a corn maize and try to find your way out.
  15. Make caramel apples.
  16. Rake the leaves in your yard of for a neighbor and jump in the leaves.
  17. Invite your friends to your house for a bonfire and make S’mores.
  18. Go tailgating but keep it family friendly.
  19. Adopt a pet for national pet adoption day.
  20. Go birdwatching.
  21. Build birdfeeders and feed the birds at your home.
  22. Become a big brother or big sister for someone less fortunate (you can do this anytime, not just the fall).
  23. Start making a family scrapbook.
  24. Find a classic story and start reading it together as a family.
  25. Learn a new skill as a family.
  26. Go for a fall canoe trip.
  27. Plan a shopping trip to local department stores like Target and update your fall wardrobe.
  28. Plan a fall getaway and rent a cabin in a state park or near the mountains.
  29. Go on a fall road trip along Route 66 or another famous route.
  30. Go to a fall sporting event.
  31. Brainstorm and think of a family Halloween costume idea- the Incredible Four or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs- then go to a thrift store or Halloween party store for costume pieces and accessories.
  32. Plan an at-home movie marathon with popcorn and snacks.
  33. Taste test hot chocolates from around the world.
  34. Read Stone Soup, while making a big pot of soup.
  35. Take a painting class and paint the fall leaves.
  36. Preserve different colored leaves with wax paper and display them on your windows.
  37. Visit your local thrift store in search of ugly sweaters and hold a contest. Present the winner with a tacky trophy.
  38. String kernels of Indian Corn to make necklaces.
  39. Take a photography class together.
  40. Tour an outdoor sculpture park.

40 family friendly fall activities

What is your favorite family friendly fall activities?