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49 Things to do at Christmas to make it Special

Reading A Christmas Carol is one way that you can make Christmas special in your home.

Traditions are one of the things that make Christmas so special for my family. And though they’ve changed over time, there are several traditions that have continued since I was a small girl. This list gives you ideas of things you can do at Christmas with your own family to make it special. Don’t let this list overwhelm you. Pick a few items that you think would be a good fit for your family and go from there.

1. Read the Christmas Carol as a family.
2. Pick out a real tree at a tree farm.
3. If you have any special ornaments share the story of where the ornaments came from when decorating the tree.
4. Decorate your tree with handmade ornaments.
5. Build a snowman.
6. Adopt a family to buy gifts for or if money is tight, choose a child that is less fortunate to buy a gift for.
7. Drive around to look at light displays around town.
8. Make Christmas gifts for loved ones.
9. Pose for a silly family photo and then use it for your annual Christmas card.
10. Go on a home tour to see how others decorate for Christmas.
11. Make Christmas cookies and host a cookie exchange.
12. Read the true meaning of Christmas in the Bible.
13. Read a different Christmas story every day.

View Christmas lights as a family

14. Put Christmas lights on your house.
15. Learn about Christmas traditions in other countries. Incorporate some in your Christmas celebration.
16. Visit local museums that decorate for the holidays.
17. Go on a church tour.
18. Ride in a carriage.
19. Volunteer in a food bank to serve the homeless.
20. Decorate your car for the holidays.
21. Wear a Santa hat or Reindeer ears when you go shopping.
22.Make Christmas cards for those in a nursing home and hand deliver them.
23. Buy gifts for children in the children’s hospital.
24. Donate infant clothes to a crisis pregnancy center with letters of encouragement for the moms to be.
25. Host a Christmas Eve get together for family and friends.
26. Make handmade candies and chocolates.

27. Bake cut out cookies and deliver them to your neighbors.
28. Make warm-up bags for the homeless in your community and pass them out. Include a fresh pair of socks, a hat, gloves, a scarf, hand and foot warmers, a gift certificate for McDonalds or another place where they can get a coffee and sandwich.
29. Watch a live version of the Nutcracker.
30. Have a weekly movie night and watch a different Christmas classic each week; It’s a Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street are a great place to start.
31. Go to a Christmas parade.
32. Go out to eat and leave a Christmas card for the waitress with an extra large tip.
33. Go through your closets and drawers and find items to donate to the organization of your choice.
34. Pick out a new Christmas ornament for the tree as a family.
35. Read a book by candlelight.
36. Sing Christmas carols by the fireplace.
37. Go see a live nativity.
38. Watch a Christmas play.

39. Donate a meal to someone you don’t know.
40. Invite a family that is new to the area over for Christmas dinner.
41. Send a special card to those who have lost loved ones in the past year.
42. Send a goody box to those serving in the military.
43. Donate hats and gloves to a children’s home.
44. Make snow ice cream. If you don’t have snow, make snow.
45. Take an elderly friend shopping,  offer to do their shopping for them, or help them shop online, so they don’t have to get out. Remember that you can help them save money with the deals you’ll find on PromosPro.
46. Wrap gifts for those that detest wrapping presents. Charge a fee and then donate the proceeds.
47. Go to a Christmas Eve church service.
48. Leave Christmas cards on the vehicles of strangers. Enclose a few dollars in the card.
49. Have a campout around the tree and share favorite memories of Christmas’ past on Christmas Day.

What Christmas traditions do you celebrate each year? What Christmas traditions would you like to celebrate?