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4th of July Desserts

When I think about the 4th of July I think about barbeques, potlucks and picnics. I envision colorful streamers and the scents of charcoal grills, roasted marshmallows and burning sparklers. I also picture a large picnic table covered with delicious food. Everyone has a favorite Independence Day dish; some love ooey-gooey cheeseburgers, while others prefer steamed crabs, cornbread, deviled eggs or freshly buttered corn on the cob.

Every year we stick with the tried and true favorites and then add a few new recipes to the mix. I typically experiment with desserts, which allow me to use a combination of patriotic colors.

patriotic 4th of july dessert recipes

Last year my four-year-old son and I created chocolate covered strawberries. Rather than using dark chocolate we dipped each strawberry in melted white chocolate and sprinkled on red and blue stars, sprinkles and nonpareils just before the chocolate hardened. You can find a variety of decorating supplies at including these fabulous jumbo stars. The red and blue ones would be perfect for decorating cakes, cookies and other confections.

prod_12035488619These types of desserts might not turn out perfect every time you make them, but they are the type of dessert children love to make. Sprinkles are like the glitter of the kitchen. As soon as my son sees colored sugar and nonpareils he runs to the counter and offers to help.

We might need to practice our chocolate dipping technique again this year as some strawberries came out looking beautiful and others were a bit too clumpy. If you think yours won’t measure up at the 4th of July picnic, I’d suggest buying some from the folks at Shari’s Berries. They make gorgeous red, white and blue desserts.


Just look at these mouth watering patriotic strawberries dressed in drizzled red chocolate with tiny blue stars.

This year we plan to decorate ice cream cones with red, white and blue sprinkles. What could be better than cold ice cream on a hot summer day?

Two years ago we made blue snow cones in bright red cups and the year before that I simply made cupcakes with red, white and blue frosting.  The key is to create something that’s festive, fun and easy to make.

Just keep in mind that the temperature on the 4th of July might be really hot. Keep your desserts away from the picnic or potluck table until later in the day or bring them out just before serving.  You don’t want to make something tasty and beautiful and then find it melting before your friends and family have a chance to bite into it.