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4th of July Party Starters

Planning a little soiree for the 4th of July is a fun way to get the family together. If your family doesn’t happen to live nearby, why not throw a neighborhood bash or block party? If you have some space in your backyard, it’s easy to throw together a last minute party that’ll be sure to wow. The 4th of July is a great time to show your patriotism, and get into the spirit of showing off all the red, white and blue you can come across. It’s easy to host a no frills bash, right at home.

Where there’s a grill, there’s a way! The easiest way to get everyone together is to fire up the grill. Let everyone know that you’ll be grilling up some festive favorites like hamburgers, brats, corn on the cobb, and kabobs! It’s smart to offer a variety of different foods if you have the budget for it. Not everyone likes traditional hamburgers and hotdogs, so it’s courteous to consider those who may not eat meat, or might be avoiding carbs. Have lots of fresh veggies that you can grill in a basket, and plate up next to some protein. Having a good grill can really be the difference between whether you get to socialize with guests, or having to spend the entire time cooking. If your grill is out of shape, why not look into purchasing a new one? Save up to 40% off at Home Depot, plus receive an extra $5.00 off+ free shipping!

Keep the snacks simple. You’ll want to have some snacks to offer your guests, of course, but do keep it simple to save yourself time and money. Think about purchasing a few premade snacks that can be popped into the oven or even served at room temperature. Mini quiches sit well for a long time, and are bite sized snacks that just about everyone loves. Nancy’s Lorraine/Florentine Petite Quiche Variety Pack 32 ct Box is available at Walmart for just $8.88.

Give the kids a way to cool off. You don’t have to have a large swimming pool to give the kids a fun way to play in the water. If you have a hose, buy an inexpensive sprinkler to attach and give kids a little splash pad area. Water tables are also a lot of fun, and give kids the option of playing in the water without having to get soaking wet. If you don’t have access to a sprinkler, a hose, or a water table, simply fill a large basin or plastic storage tub with water, and add a few toys like small balls, little rubber ducks or boats. The kids will have a blast just splashing around in the water. Make sure that you have plenty of extra towels on hand so they can dry off when they’re finished with their water play.

Everyone at the party can feel like a kid again when you bring out everything needed for smores! You can roast marshmallows right over the grill, and let everyone make their own smores, just the way they like them. You’ll want to have plenty of chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows on hand. You can also have mix-ins for folks to add to their smores stacks, like Oreo cookies, red and blue sprinkles, or even mini candy bars!

Don’t forget the sparklers! Once night falls, you can break out the sparklers. Even young children can enjoy sparklers with close adult supervision. It’s a fun way for everyone to feel a bit more festive, and to light up the night before the fireworks begin!

Be sure to be very safe when grilling and using sparklers. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Making sure that everyone follows the rules and stays safe will ensure that you will have a fun, and festive 4th!