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5 Back To School Looks For Boys

Creating the perfect back-to-school style will definitely require some trial and error. Finding the right look during 2016 has been a whirlwind of new experiments and a variety of trends. Consider searching within one of these style below for a new, refreshing school year look.

Comfy Casual

Some male students relish the fact that their daily style looks as if they’ve just rolled out of bed. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be comfy and cozy during class. If you want to go for a casual look this school year, pair a graphic t-shirt with Chino Joggers and a J.Crew Factory backpack. Keeping your accessories simple is an important part to completing the outfit. Wear plain bands around your wrist and stick to a monochrome colored sneaker.


Keeping Up with Style

Jumping from simple to trendy, a little bit more careful planning goes into turning a casual outfit into a stylish one. For this look try wearing distressed or worn skinny jeans matched with a brown leather belt and a simple V-neck or crew t-shirt. Pairing this outfit with high-top shoes or boots, a brown hat, and a watch will complete the image. Try out new accessories by wearing a double ring or a colorful watch band.

Dress for Success

An everyday dressy look can be completed by wearing a simple sweater from Banana Republic over a dress shirt. You can choose to keep the dress shirt untucked so it shows through the bottom of the sweater for a more dressy-casual look. It’s easy to stay within this style by keeping to cool, neutral colors. A dark colored backpack with darker denim jeans pairs flawlessly with brown laced-up boots.2

School Prep

To complete a preppy look for school, wear a short-sleeved, collared shirt with a bright pastel sweat over your shoulders. Wearing a vibrant, plaid tie will be perfect with colors that complement the sweater. Match the outfit with grey or pastel blue Abercrombie dress pants rolled up at the ankles. It’s important to make sure your boots are a lighter shade of brown than your belt if you choose not to go with black. If you want to forgo the sweater, a longer finger-length grey jacket can bring a preppy style to your outfit as well.

Alternative Hipster

A hipster look can be sported by wearing graphic t-shirts, layers of bracelets, and dark washed jeans. Other important accessories for this look are beanies from Zumiez, along with a pair of dark frames. With a hipster look it’s important to alternate between baggy and tight clothing. A tighter pair of jeans and t-shirt, with a baggy flannel will perfectly complement each other for this style.



No matter what category your style fits into, it’s important to experiment with other clothes and looks. Finding the perfect back to school outfit can be as easy as stepping into an outfit you wouldn’t normally wear. Make sure to try out different styles in order to find clothing that is comfortable and will fit your personality.