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5 Backpack Essentials for Back to School

With school right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting those backpacks ready for the first day of school! It’s better to worry about it now than the night before – trust me.

The contents of a school backpack may seem obvious, but it’s the little things that really make the difference between being ready for school and going to school with a backpack. The educational materials are a given. Notebooks, pencils, a ruler… Today we’re going over the five items that should always be in your backpack. They help make life easier and a little more fun while school is in session!back to school backpacks

A Mobile Phone

As long as it stays turned off during school hours, backpacks are a perfect place to keep a cellphone. The reasons to send your child to school with a phone are numerous and, in many cases, obvious. The chances of a miscommunication are almost eliminated, not to mention they can feel safer knowing they can contact you at any time. Save money on a Windows phone from the Microsoft Store and put a phone in every backpack.

Microsoft PhoneMicrosoft Lumia 650


Childhood humorously involves a lot of waiting. Waiting at the doctor’s office for your first vaccines, waiting in the school assemblies, waiting for the bus, and just plain old waiting to grow up. Passing the time doesn’t always have to be done using the internet! There are countless studies that show how reading improves young children’s brain development, and packing along some fun ones may have a great effect! You may even be assisting in helping your kid make some friendships.

Intergalactic Journey Home BookLostMy.Name Books, The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home

Grab a coupon for Lost My Name Books, amazing customized children’s books that incorporate the child’s name of your choice!


Music and books are a major source of comfort during school years, and packing along a pair of headphones means that your favorite tunes are just an arm’s length away. Particularly if you find yourself doing a lot of studying in in libraries, you’ll be regretting the day you leave your headphones at home! Nothing helps drown out sounds like a great song, or a cool audio book from Audible – check their lastest promotions here!

Starpoint Emoji Backpack with HeadphonesStarpoint Emoji Backpack with Headphones

If you’re a little behind on your Back to School backpack planning, pick this cute emoji backpack up at Target – it comes with a pair of headphones!

Hand Sanitizer

I don’t know how they do it, but kids can’t seem to go anywhere without finding a random dog or strange object to touch. Remind them often to use just a little bit of hand sanitizer and it will start building a healthy habit. This little bottle of Hand Sanitizer Spray from The Honest Company will fit right into the smallest pocket of a backpack, making it easy to access but also keeping it out of the way.

The Honest Company hand SanitizerThe Honest Company Hand Sanitizer

An Umbrella

Remember that “waiting” I was talking about earlier? Well, that frequently happens outside. Depending on where you live, an umbrella can make the difference between a healthy kid and a kid who is about to miss two days of school.Totes Micro-Mini Umbrella

Totes Micro-Mini Umbrella 

This little umbrella is literally “micro-mini” – only 5″ long when it’s closed up and in the case! Once you slip it into a backpack, it’s completely out of the way. This umbrella is ready to save the day the next time a thunderstorm strikes when the bus is running late! They even come in packs of six so your whole family can benefit. See if we can help you save some money with an Amazon coupon!

What do you like to keep in your kids’ Back to School backpacks? Leave us your favorite tips in the comments!