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5 Cheap, Easy DIY Halloween Decor Projects

Uh oh – it’s the day before Halloween and your kids told their friends to come over for some kind of party after school’s out and you’ve done nothing to decorate. Instead of this being reality where you’d promptly tell your child to inform their buddies that the party house isn’t open until they’re at least 16, but instead we’re pretending this is a sitcom. The next scene is the one where you scramble to throw together clever and thrifty decorations to wow your kids when they get home from school. Pinterest to the rescue!

Okay, so that’s not a real situation, but being someone who doesn’t have any more room in their attic for boxes marked, “[Insert Holiday Here] Decorations,” I need a better decorating strategy. Growing up, my parents went all out and their elaborate Halloween decorations rivaled most people’s Christmas setups. I want to use simple, homemade decorations that rival the impact their expensive, reusable decor did.

Luckily, there are tons of ways to use products from your local drugstore to turn your home into a haunted house! Here are five great Halloween decoration DIY projects using easy to find grocery products.

Garbage Bag Spider Webs from The Sits Girls

Trash Bag Spider Webs DIY

Garbage bags are an item that almost everyone has under their sinks right now. Using the same method you’d use to make snowflakes out of construction paper in wintertime, you can easily snip your way to a gigantic spiderweb in minutes! This si a great project to do with kids as everyone can make their own variation.

Illuminated Milk Jug Gallon Ghosts from Eighteen25

Milk Jug Gallon Ghost - Halloween Decor DIY

To the recycling bin! If you’ve got a big household, you undoubtedly have a bun of these gallon milk or water jugs laying around. With some quick work with a Sharpie, you can turn garbage into ghostly, ghoulish greatness! Save up to 20% when you buy supplies at Staples with promo codes, you’re definitely going to be going through some Sharpies…

Forest-y Hanging Bat Mobile from Rebecca’s DIY

Hanging Bat Mobile Decor - Halloween Decoration DIY

Now, don’t get it twisted – this is a bat mobile, not a batmobile. This tutorial utilizes the fall weather and all of the branches and debris it rains down upon us as the base for this cute hanging decoration.

Monster Door from Door Decorate

Monster Door Construction Paper DIY

It’s amazing what a little tape, some scissors and a pile of construction paper can do, isn’t it? These geometric cut-outs all came together to become this terrifying door monster! Perfect for spooking trick-or-treaters before you even open the door! Print out Walmart coupons to save money on value packs of construction paper and start designing your monster.

Handprint Window Cling Decals from Felt Magnet

Bloody Handprint Window Clings - Halloween Decor

These are incredibly easy to make and can be done in a variety of different colors. Use the main ingredient to freehand your own window decals in other shapes, too. Anything spooky is fair game!