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5 Colors Trending This Fall

Summer is officially over and fall is now here. Fall is a great season that brings on a lot of different things that people enjoy. Many people enjoy the cooler weather the season brings as well as the trending colors of the season. With summer being over for the year, fall brings on the newest colors that are trending during this cool season. These 5 colors trending this fall are perfect to wear on your clothes, try in your hair, and even use in your home such as on the walls, decorations, and furniture.

Riverside Blue

Riverside Blue is the color leading the trending colors of fall 2016. It is a cool, calming blue that is in between a serious navy blue and cobalt blue. While wearing Riverside Blue on your clothes, perhaps from maybe Macy’s or JCPenny, or decorating your home with it, you get a sense of confidence and tenacity from it. However, it also brings us a dose of lots of excitement, mystery, and some confidence when using it.

Airy Blue

Airy Blue makes the list of the 5 colors trending this fall at number two. Airy blue comes in between icy blue, navy blue, and cobalt blue. Although Riverside Blue is a cool and calming color, airy blue will bring you a sense of weightlessness, tranquility, and freedom. Not only this but, it also blends together well with Riverside Blue. Wearing these two together won’t get you in trouble. You can find these colors on the clothes you are planning on wearing this season at places like Old Navy or even Lane Bryant.



Although the color gray palette usually makes third place, sharkskin beat it out this time. Sharkskin works well with other colors including both bright and muted colors. You can also use this color on your clothes or your house decorations during special occasions or even just everyday life. You can get your house decorations you need with these trending colors at places like WalMart or even Kmart.

We often see this color on certain celebrities making it known that it is a popular color.

Aurora Red

Aurora red makes the list as number four for the 5 trending colors of the fall season. Although this is a somewhat bold red that brings on sensual and warm undertones of color, it isn’t so bold that it looks like a burgundy and not nearly as vibrant as the color of crimson red. However, it is wrapped in mysterious dust and per the Pantone list that has made it into the fall 2016/2017 trending color list, it may just get the blood of the color palette pumping.


Warm Taupe

Warm Taupe makes the Pantone fall 2016/2017 trending color list as the last one for number five. However, just because it is number five, doesn’t mean it is the last on the list because it is a good color too. Therefore, we see many models on the runway wearing this warm taupe color. Warm taupe can be mixed well with other shades making them all look great together. Whether it is a lighter or darker tone, it will still look great with the number five color on this list, Warm Taupe.

Closing Thoughts

These five colors that are trending during the 2016/2017 fall season are not the only colors that are on the list as there is an even bigger list on the Pantone website with many colors on it that are trending this fall. This is just to say these are not the only good colors people can be seen wearing or using in their homes or even for their hair color.

What trending colors are your favorite this fall?