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5 Colors Trending This Fall


A set of about a dozen colors is selected to trend for each season. In 2016, dusty and muted colors are the most common, but there are pops of rich colors so that you can match more than one trending color and still be fashionable. These are five of the trending fall 2016 colors that you will be able to find in the clothing departments of favorite retailers like Ross and Old Navy.


Riverside is part of the blue family. It symbolizes a strong and stable personality with cool and calming effects. It is a sophisticated color that is wearable for casual and formal occasions. Wearing this color displays that you have a sense of loyalty in your life.

If you choose to use dusty cedar as your accent color, try doing so through accessories from retailers like Target and JCPenney that offer wide varieties of colors in accessories.



Sharkskin is a member of the gray family. It is a rich gray that can actually be worn all year long without conflict. Give a sharkskin gray outfit pops of color by implementing spicy mustard, bodacious, or lush meadow. You can mix in warm taupe, airy blue, or riverside blue but these should be small accents as it can make your outfit look too muted and even dismal.

Dusty Cedar

Those that adore reds will love dusty cedar. It is a warm red color that conveys confidence. If you wear dusty cedar, you are said to be complex and have a warm personality. You can make a great outfit with a pair of warm taupe slacks or a sharkskin flowing skirt.

Pick out white jewelry accessories, at stores like Walmart, Target, or Claire’s, to go with this fabulous fall favorite.

Spicy Mustard


Spicy mustard is considered to be the exotic element to the fall color trend class. If you are a fan of spicy mustard, you are unusual and unpredictable. You may also have an unexpected personality type. When used in geometric patterns, spicy mustard works best as a solid top or bottom. It may be too much if it is not toned down with a darker color like black, sharkskin, or warm taupe.

Potter’s Clay

Those that are grounded individuals are likely to be drawn to the potter’s clay color. It is a neutral earth tone that is wearable through the winter. If this color catches your eye, you may be considered to have a strong foundation and strong sense of self. Potter’s clay would work well with sharkskin, hints of spicy mustard, and warm taupe.

You can go completely with a nature theme and pair potter’s clay in the form of a jacket or pants with a lush meadow top.

Closing Thoughts

It will be easiest to use the sharkskin color in combination with tones like lush meadow, dusty cedar, and warm taupe. You can also mix the trending hues in the blue family with sharkskin, potter’s clay, warm taupe, or even spicy mustard to create a fun, trendy outfit. Get some help from accessories to tie color transitions together easier.