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5 Easy Tips for a Better Garden

Are you counting down the days until spring? If you can hardly stand the wait, why make the time go faster by using the last weeks of winter to get your garden ready for spring? Even though it is too cold in many parts of the country to start planting your garden, following these 5 Easy Tips now can help you have the best garden ever!

Garden 5

Make an Inspection

Go out and take a look at your garden. If you have raised beds, check if you need to make any repairs, like replacing rotted or broken boards. If your garden is full of dead weeds or the remnants of last year’s plants, take the time to clear them out. If it is not frigidly cold and you have a rototiller, you can fire that up to take care of it. If you want to add more raised beds, a potting bench or other structures, it is a good time to construct them now.


Repair Garden Fencing

You are sure to have garden fencing to keep unwanted critters from helping themselves to an all you can eat vegetable buffet. Take some time now to inspect your fence and make any repairs necessary. Secure weak spots, straighten out sides and make sure all posts are secure.


Analyze Your Soil

I am definitely going to analyze my soil this year. I feel that there is something lacking and I am going to find out what it is. If you feel the same or just want to double check that your soil is not lacking essential nutrients, you can pick up a soil test kit from home improvement stores like Home Depot.

Garden soil

Start Composting

If you are not composting, you need to start. There are so many benefits to composting, it adds nutrients to your garden and helps to retain moisture in the soil. It allows you to recycle organic kitchen waste and reduce your garbage. Composting is better for the environment because it is an alternative to chemical fertilizers.

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A kitchen compost container does not need to be an eyesore, there are many attractive and decorative options available like the ones you see below from World Market.

compost containers

A kitchen compost container will give you a place to put organic waste until you are ready to bring it out to a large compost container like the Tierra-Derco 50 Gallon Compost Tumbler. This 50 gallon composter available at hayneedle has 2 wheels on the back of the frame so you can move it easily. It is made of 90% recycled plastic with a unique construction that allows for air circulation to speed up composting.

Composter Drum rs1


Sow Some Seeds

If you are just itching to plant something but the weather is too cold, consider starting seeds inside. You will not want to start too early or late for your area, so make sure you take that into consideration. You can find seeds at most retailers this time of year like Walmart and online at specialty seed stores like Gurney’s Seed and Nursery Co. Happy Gardening!

Garden seedling