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5 Easy Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Closets

With the change of seasons comes the chance to spring clean. While your list of chores may include deep cleaning carpets and washing windows now is also a great time to clean out your closets. Before you bring your spring and summer clothing out of storage take a cold, hard look at the fall and winter clothes that sit front and center. Then follow the steps below to successfully spring clean your closets and drawers.

1. Listen to Music

3 iphone music

Before you step foot towards your closet or begin pulling clothes out of your drawers find your iPhone, open Spotify and dial up some funky, beat-driven tunes. Spring-cleaning isn’t exactly the most enjoyable task you’ve ever encountered, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun moving your winter gear out and your spring and summer clothes in. Music will boost your spirits and put you in the mood to clean.

2. Hang Your Clothing Backwards

3 clothes hangers all lined up

Dump the contents of your closet and dresser onto your bed and then carefully pick through the items you know you want to keep. Immediately hang them in the closet so you won’t accidentally get rid of them. Make certain to hang all hangers backward. In the future when you reach for a shirt, skirt or pair of pants rotate the hanger so it faces the other direction. When autumn returns take a hard look at any hangers that are still facing the wrong way. This will make spring-cleaning much easier the next time around as you can immediately spot the clothing you don’t wear. If you don’t already own a large set of slim hangers consider buying a pack from Bed, Bath and Beyond. They make clothes easier to see, access and organize.

3. Enlist the Help of a Friend

When you are finished hanging the items you know you love call a friend with a keen eye for fashion to help you pick through the clothing you aren’t quite sure about. Put on a mini-fashion show and quickly set yay or nay votes on everything. Let your friend ask you the hard questions like: does the shape of that dress look good on your figure or how does that shade of bright yellow look with your skin tone? If you and your friend agree that an item doesn’t look great then immediately add it to your donation pile.

4. Take Stock of What You Own

3 shopping list

As you weed through your clothes take note of anything that you may need to replace. Is your little black dress too tight or too loose? Did you throw out three pairs of jeans because they no longer fit? Did you break the straps on your favorite sandals? Are your favorite boots too scuffed and worn to be repaired? Add each of these items to your list and keep it with you the next time you go shopping. As you shop you’ll know exactly what you need to buy.

5. Donate Your Unwanted Clothing

When you are finished sorting your belongings take the bags marked for donation directly out to the car. You don’t want to keep all that clutter in the house or worse yet second-guess your decision to get rid of it in the first place. Designate a time to donate the items to help someone in need. Hopefully your cast offs will find a second life with someone else.

2 closet full of dresses

When you are finished cleaning out your closet take a break and go outside. Stretch, take a walk or simply catch a breath of fresh air. Commend yourself on all of the work you’ve accomplished so far. Consider how great it will feel to get rid of clothes you don’t want or need. The next time you reach into your closet you are bound to find the perfect thing to wear.