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5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Back to School Supplies

How can it be that school is approaching so quickly? With all of the parents rushing around trying to get those last minute school supplies, don’t miss out on the deals. Check out these super easy ways to save money on back to school supplies. I don’t think that saving money has ever been so easy.pencils-1365337_960_720

Check out

Power to the parents that don’t even go to the store to shop for school supplies because they can buy them right online. The Internet has given us and back to school time is the perfect place to utilize this tool. Pencils, markers, pens, and even back to school clothing can be bought online.

Go second-hand shopping

Obviously, you can’t go second-hand shopping for pencils and pens, but you can utilize second-hand stores for clothing. Not all children’s clothing gets used to the bone. When it comes to clothes, shoes, socks, and even sporting gear—buying second-hand rocks. You can save so much money by buying second hand on all of these

Don’t delay

A lot of parents miss the mark in their budgets because they wait too long to go back to school shopping. If you want to get some of the really good deals, now is the time to shop. Don’t wait until the kids have literally gone back to school, start now. School shopping is one of those things that the earlier you start shopping, the better chance of saving you get. (If you haven’t started yet, don’t freak out).

Take advantage of those coupons

Think about it, everyone and their mom want you to take advantage of their product when it comes back to school shopping. There will be dozens of opportunities to shop. Take advantage of the places that are going to give you the best bang for your buck. I’ve seen some awesome coupons and deals  around Kohls, Target, Finish Line and even Walmart.calculator-178127_960_720

Set a budget for yourself

You won’t be able to save money on school supplies if you don’t set a budget for yourself. Humans have the tendency to overspend, it’s in our nature. One way you can avoid overspending and actually stay on budget is by budgeting for everything you need. For example, you may look at prices and decide $400 is your Back to School budget. Only use cash and when you’re out of money, you really need to get creative and don’t buy anything the kids don’t need!

Utilizing these tips are all great ways to save on back to school supplies. What are some other tips you can offer up?