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5 Fab Movies to Catch in Theaters This Thanksgiving

Turkey Day is just two days away! With it will come the release of new movies, ready for theater-goers of all ages as they complete their Thanksgiving tradition of hitting up their local theater.

This tradition usually plays out in one of two ways. One: you’re lucky enough to not be the one responsible for the oven on Thursday. In this case you might catch a flick before the big feast with several other non-cooking family members.

Two: You eat dinner early, allowing you time to go see a new film while you let all that turkey-induced tryptophan work its way out of your system.

This year, there are some great movies coming out that even turkey hormones can’t make you sleep through. Remember to look out for sales on tickets, like these promos from Carmike Cinemas, and that matinees will be the cheapest way to fulfill this tradition.



Bringing children along with you this year? Moana is the film you want to line up, then. The creators of Frozen have made a new flick in which the demi-god Maui (voiced by The Rock) teams up with a little girl named Moana, who happens to have a supernatural relationship with the sea.  The two team together to save the pacific islands from ultimate destruction from outside forces, and, as with all animated kids’ movies, comedy ensues along the way.

Bad Santa 2


Bad Santa is going to be a familiar name for the mature crowd. The sequel is about what you’d expect if you’ve seen the original. Hilarious for mature audiences, this irreverent film does have an almost heart-warming ending. Perfect for those with R-rated senses of humor who want to kick off the holidays ASAP—just don’t bring the little ones along!



If Blockbusters were still a thing, Allied would be the one this Thanksgiving. With star power from leading actors Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, this thriller puts a magnifying glass on WWII espionage. The two starring spies put on a false front as a couple in Casablanca, but accidentally fall in love for real for real. Things are made even more complicated when suspicions rise of one of them being a double agent. Will love or nationality prevail?

Rules Don’t Apply


This pseudo-artsy limited release directed by and starring Warren Beatty tells the story of two star-crossed lovers kept apart by their ridiculously rich employer. As they tentatively pursue their forbidden love, life steps in to foil their plans at every step. This may not be a “Blockbuster,” but it is full of big names like Matthew Broderick, Lily Collins, Alec Baldwin and Candice Bergen just to name a few.

Dear Zindagi


If you’re into foreign films and enjoy romantic comedy, Dear Zindagi is the right Thanksgiving flick for you. It’s entirely in Hindi and captioned in English, but the love story is something that is familiar across cultures. If you want to catch this one, you’ll have to be in the right region as it is limited release.

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