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5 Family-Fun Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

Did you know that Saturday is Earth Day? Make it a day to celebrate our planet and give something back to it. If you have kids like I do, Earth Day is a perfect opportunity to show them the importance of taking care of our planet, starting with our own backyard. Let’s look at some family-fun ways you can celebrate Earth Day this Saturday.

Community Clean-Up

Schedule a neighborhood clean-up walk. If you are thinking it is too late, you are wrong. Talk to your neighbors and very little prep is needed. Pick up some heavy duty trash bags and gloves at a store like Lowe’s and you are good to go. In fact, trash bags and gloves are something nearly every home has, so if you start off with your family on Saturday morning, your neighbors can just join in grabbing some bags and gloves and before you know it, you will have a parade of people walking around your neighborhood picking up trash. We do this around our lake every year. It is also a great time to explain to kids the dangers that litter can cause to animals.

Plant a Tree

With Spring planting season going strong, visit your local garden center or Home Depot and buy a tree to plant together as a family. This is a wonderful opportunity to not only beautify your yard, but to teach your children how plants and trees give us the oxygen we need to live and provide shelter and homes for animals. Let the children help with planting, watering and caring for the tree.

Plant a Habitat Garden

Did you know that pollinators are essential for over a third of our food production? Over the last 20 years, we have seen a critical shortage of pollinators like honey bees and Monarch Butterflies. Planting a habitat garden in your yard can help bring back these pollinators. Plant milkweed, grasses, butterfly bushes, native forbs and more. You can visit your local garden center or search online for which plants are best for your area.    

Plant A Garden

Planting a garden is a great way to show your children how food grows. From seeds or seedlings, let them see what goes into planting and tending a garden. If it is still too early to plant in your area, start prepping your garden together and making a list of what to plant. Let the children help take care of the garden throughout the season. They will learn important skills while gaining understanding of where our food comes from.

Go for A Family Bike Ride

Have some fun that does not require jumping in your car and driving. Get on your bikes and take a family ride together. You will be exercising your bodies and mind as you take the time to take in the sights, sounds and smells of your community. You can also admire the results of your neighborhood clean-up efforts along the way. Happy Earth Day!