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5 Fashion Accessories Your Teenage Girl Needs for Back to School

Summer has flown by, and back-to-school shopping season is already in full swing. Your teenage daughter will be itching to purchase the hottest 2016 accessories. Help fill out her wardrobe to compliment these new upcoming fashion trends.

Bomber Jacketsboomer jackets

Bomber jackets or flight jackets once referred to military garments for pilots. These shorter, warm, nylon jackets first appeared for civilian use in the 70’s. It’s recently brought itself back out to the fashion world around 2010. Bomber jackets are perfect to throw over your favorite dress or t-shirt, and can give any outfit a bit of edge. They’ve even started to come in pastels for those who hope to keep a lighter look about them. These jackets are available for purchase at Forever 21.

Square Scarves

Pick up a trendy square scarf to complete your fall outfit the next time you visit Urban Outfitters. Square scarves have long overtaken blanket and infinity scarves in this year’s popular trend. The type of scarf you select can compliment your outfit depending on the material type. Square scarves often come in cotton, silk, and even polyester blends. They also come in a variety of fun patterns and colors. Square scarves are inexpensive and make it easy to buy many versions to match particular outfits or styles.

Flannel Shirts3368060_IMG_1039

One of the softest fashion trends around, your daughter will love having a flannel shirt as part of her back-to-school collection. Flannel and plaid clothes have stapled their way in to fall outfits. Matching a flannel with a patched pair of jeans and flats will turn this outfit from comfy too cute. Pick up a flannel shirt or dress at H&M, Gap, or Abercrombie.

Choker Necklaces

Another blast from the past, chokers have made their way back into our hearts and your teenage girl’s jewelry box. Chokers are close-fitting necklaces made of either leather, velvet, plastic, or metal. It’s worn on the higher part of the neck, sitting as a close fit. From its newest round of fashion rebirth, they are most popularly seen in metal forms. Chokers are available in most stores, but are easily accessible at Claire’s.

Colorful Flat Shoes476950647_752

Available for purchase through Journeys or Famous Footwear, colorful sneakers such as Converse match a variety of back to school styles. The versatility of bright, vibrant, and lively shoes allows for a fun and playful touch. Wearing bright shoes with plain outfits can even bring the pop you need to your wardrobe. Consider matching a bright pair of shoes with another accessory such as a handbag, jewelry, or glasses.


Figuring out what to wear for the first day or even the new school year can be a nerve-racking experience. Talk over with your teenage daughter her expectations for new clothes, and the worries that come with trying to find the right outfit. Adding the right pieces to your daughter’s wardrobe can help increase her style and create outfits for the new school year.