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5 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities For Families

When you have a tribe of kids like I do, it can be hard to just get away with my husband. I know it is important, but sometimes, it is just not possible. We do embrace the time we do get alone together, no matter when it occurs. I guess it is good that I am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I would highlight some things you can do as a family to celebrate your house full of love.

5 Fun Valentine's Day Activities For Families

1. Bake Something Sweet

Set aside some time to bake sweet treats. It does not have to be a complicated recipe. It should be something everyone can take part in. It can be as simple as some rolled sugar cookies or opening up a box of cake mix and making some cupcakes. Let the kids take turns adding the ingredients and then pour the batter into some festive Valentine’s Day cupcake liners.

5 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities For Families-Valentines Day Cookies

Make a simple buttercream frosting or if you are so inclined, open up a can of ready-made frosting. I know it might get messy, but let the kids help frost the cupcakes. I like to pipe my frosting on, it can be fun to let kids try that and discuss what kind of designs the different shaped tips will make.

Give your frosted cupcakes a festive touch with little conversation hearts, red or pink sugar crystals, cinnamon flavored candies or a milk chocolate heart right in the center.

5 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities For Families-Valentine's Day Cupcakes

If you would rather make a cake, use heart shaped cake pans to really make it fun. If you love baking like I do, you can find all kinds of cupcake liners, baking pans and decorative accents at Walmart or Target.

 2. Make Handmade Cards 

Sit down at the kitchen table with an assortment of card stock, construction paper, markers, decorative paper punches, ribbons, stickers, crayons, paper lace doilies, glue sticks, scissors and whatever else you have around and craft handmade cards for each other. You can even print out little poems kids can glue to the inside with a glue stick. There are so many great ideas on sites like Pinterest for inspiration.

5 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities For Families-Valentine's Day Crafts

3. Make a JibJab Family Video

We love JibJab, it is easy to make personalized animated videos staring your family by uploading a few photos. Sit down in front of the computer and make a family Valentine’s Day video to share with your friends and family on social media. Right now you can get a free 3-month membership to JibJab so you can create lots of videos. Truly a gift that keeps on giving.

5 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities For Families-Valentine's Day eCards via JibJab

4. Make A Coupon Book

Cut out some dollar bill size strips of construction paper and then staple 10 together to form a coupon book. Give everyone a book and let the make coupons for things they would do for someone. Kids could offer to clean the bathroom, take out the trash, walk the dog, give a free hug and more. When everyone is finished put the books in a bag or box and let each person pull out a random coupon book. If they pick their own, have them put it back and try again.

5 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities For Families-coupon book hero

5. Plan A Special Valentine’s Day Family Dinner

Sit down together and plan the menu for a special Valentine’s Day Breakfast or Dinner. Ideas for breakfast could be heart shaped waffles or pancakes. Dinner can be simple or elaborate. A heart shaped cookie cutter can be used to create sandwiches in the shapes of hearts.

5 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities For Families-Family Valentine's Dinner

When you have decided on a meal and menu, assign everyone a part and work together to create a meal with love you can all share. Make your table super festive with Valentine’s Day linens that you can find at stores like Kohls and Macy’s.

5 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities For Families-Family Valentine's Dinner

I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration on you can celebrate the love of your family this Valentine’s Day.