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5 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Pumpkin

1. Well, of course there is carving. An inexpensive carving kit from the grocery store will do the job. You can print out any kind of stencils you want. But did you ever think of printing Pee-Wee Herman’s face on your pumpkin? This girl did. If you’re photo shop savvy, you can create pretty much anything you want. You just have to darken the areas that “stay” and whiten the areas to cut. Think outside the box and carve your family’s names or favorite characters, rather than your traditional scary scene.

2. Painting your pumpkin can be fun for the kids, but can also give you a really chic decorative look. Trying sticking with black and white. Add different patterns, like lines and polka dots. Then, add glitter or gems. There is a multitude of possible pumpkin decorating tools at your local Michaels. Just ask for some advice to be sure you’ve picked up adhesive items that will stick. If you’re painting, Crayola Washable paint will do just fine for a little one, but get the best results with acrylic paint. Another option if you’re going all white like the one below is spray paint. Gold and black look especially cool.

Black and White Pumpkin - love this!:


3.  Accessorize like the cuteness above! Witches hats, devil’s horn’s, and cat’s ears are all great ideas. You can use a hot glue gun to glue the devil’s horns, or other fun accessories like the paper bats shown below.

Bats Flying Across A Pumpkin - It All Started With Paint:

4. Light it up! Yes, we all know that jack-0-lanterns have a candle inside, but what are some other options? How about glow in the dark puff paint? You kids can handle this, or you can do a more sophisticated design, which case, we recommend using pencil first. Even dots can get out of hand. Spell out “Boo” or your family name.

Add interest by using glow sticks inside to give off a green or blue hue instead of traditional candle light.

Yet another great option is to drill holes in mini pumpkins, place a tealight inside and line your walkway.

5. Not interested in carving? Use a hot glue gut to apply googly eyes to your pumpkins with a black smear underneath (paint or actual makeup). Make another black smear where the mouth would be. Then, wrap your pumpkin in gauze and make a slight opening for the mouth. You should see a bit of black poke out where the mouth should be.