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5 Gift Ideas for Teens


Teens often get a bad rap and that may especially be true when it comes to purchasing their Christmas gifts. I admit it can be a daunting task and it can be more or less so depending on the teen that you have to shop for. I’m fortunate; my own kids have always been easy to please. They may be drooling over a the iPhone7 but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t thankful for, and won’t also enjoy less expensive items.

Today I’ve put together a list of 5 great gift ideas for teens.


  1. Gift Cards

This may seem impersonal, but it is often the #1 thing my kids ask for. You can purchase a prepaid Visa or MasterCard that can be used pretty much anywhere, or buy them a gift card to their favorite department store, fast food restaurant, Starbucks or movie theater. The possibilities are endless with gift cards and take some of the stress off you because you’re giving them what they want and may save yourself a trip back to the store and long exchange lines to return unwanted items.


  1. A Dashcam

This may seem weird, but I can’t think of a better gift for a new driver than a dashcam. Your teen will think it’s cool that they can record everywhere they go and you’ll think it’s cool when you can rewind the video to see how your teen drives without you in the car. These are also beneficial in the event of an accident because the dashcam will record the footage so in the question of who was at fault, you’ll be able to view the recording. Depending on the dashcam it could also take still photos.

  1. Earbuds for their phone.

My kids are pretty much attached to their phone and their headset, but they misplace their headsets all the time. Pick up a few inexpensive sets so if they want to listen to their music while at the gym, or want to watch a movie on that long car ride to grandma’s house for Christmas dinner, they’ll have a fresh set of ear buds.


  1. A New Camera

Smartphones are great, but they can’t entirely replace a great camera. If your child loves to be on the move, consider an action camera like a GoPro or WASPcam. If they tinker with photography, a beginner level DSLR may introduce them to a life-long hobby. If you’re planning a beach vacation for spring break, think ahead and purchase an underwater camera. They may really surprise you with the images they capture.

  1. The Gift of Travel

My kids love to travel. Why not forgo all other gifts and plan a family getaway? Consider your teens interests. Do they love to ski or snowboard? Rent a cabin near a ski resort in Colorado or Utah and spend time together on the slopes. Do they dream of big city life? Plan a trip to NYC or Chicago. CityPASS can help you save a lot of money off the normal cost of tickets for some of the top attractions in each city. If your teen would rather lay out on the beach, consider a trip to Florida. The possibilities are endless and the memories you make will be priceless.

What Christmas gift ideas do you have for teens?