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5 Gift Ideas for Your Dog


If you’re anything like me, you’re just getting started on my Christmas shopping list. That’s right. I’ve been making a list and checking it twice, but I’ve yet to get started on my shopping. I want to make sure I have something for everyone that is important in my life and that includes, my furbaby.

My dog is a tad bit spoiled so it’s not like he really needs anything. I’m not even convinced that he’d be disappointed if he didn’t get a present at Christmas, but he does love the paper. So each year, I hunt down a gift that I think he’ll really like and I try to get something practical, but that doesn’t mean that I’m immune to the cute dog sweaters or antlers that you find in the stores this time of year.


  1. A Washable Dog Bed or Mat.

Not all dog beds are created equal. Several years ago, I bought one for my dog that can be thrown into the washer. Every couple weeks, I’ll toss it in with my normal laundry detergent and it comes out smelling fresh and clean. I love that it always smells fresh and so does my dog.

  1. A GPS Enabled Collar.

If you’ve ever lost your pet, you know how terrifying that can be. Especially if he runs away while you’re traveling. We once lost our dog while staying in an RV park. It was awful. A GPS-enabled collar can help you keep track of your dog at home and away and save you some of the anguish that I went through. Plus, if your pet is injured while they’re out, or becomes unresponsive, the GPS collar may be able to alert you to a possible emergency, depending on the brand you select.


  1. Treats.

Okay, I could seriously buy a bag of dog treats and he’d be content. Why not pick up a few bags of his favorite treats with a new dog bone and throw them in a stocking?

4. A Thunder Shirt.

If you have a dog that is especially skittish, then a Thunder Shirt, available at PetSmart, is what you need to keep him feeling safe and calm. As a rescue dog, my dog is scared of just about everything you can imagine- thunderstorms, loud noises, gunshots (we live in the country), high winds, the vacuum, and riding in the RV.  The Thunder Shirt has paid for itself time and again. With Velcro adjustments, it fits my dog securely and helps him feel safe and protected.

  1. A New Toy.

Our dog has a favorite toy, a duck that squeaks. He loves it so much that we need to replace it often because he gets carried away and rips out the stuffing, squeaker and even pulls the fur off. I buy him the same type of toy over and over and he never tires of it. So every Christmas, birthday or special occasion, our dog gets a duck, but you don’t need to follow my lead, you can mix it up a bit.

What items will Santa place under the tree for your dog this year?