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5 Gift Inspirations for Father’s Day

gift inspirations for dad

Getting a head start on Father’s Day is a good idea.  Nothing is worse than rushing around at the last second.  (Though we’ve been there, too, so no judgement passed!)  This year, shop early and creatively, and you’ll have some peace of mind when June 21st rolls around.

If Dad’s not a tie kind of guy, here are five unique Father’s Day gifts that will get him smiling.

For the Sports Fanatic

If the father in your life has a favorite team, you can help him display it almost anywhere.  StickerYou allows you to make a bumper sticker, window decal (for the car or home,) or stickers to display on things like laptops.  You can go the sports route, or you can use a family photo.  Either way he’ll be proud to show off something he loves so intensely.  Right now, you can get 10% off your entire purchase, or 30% off if your order is $100 or more.

For the Mandatory Golfer

Does the dad in your life “have” to golf in order to schmooze clients, or hold up business relationships?  Or is he honest with you about hitting the links frequently because it’s something he likes to do?  Then he might just love Crane & Co.’s USGA On the Green Leather Golf Score Book.  The best part?  It’s personalized, so if he leaves it lying around, it should be able to find its way back to its rightful owner.

For the Good Husband

Household chores aren’t just for mom.  Give him the gift of reduced vacuuming this year with a robotic vacuum like the Roomba.  Right now, you can catch a 10% off sale combined with free shipping at iRobot. Male or female, we’re all sick of picking cheerios up off the floor.

For Any Dad

Whether you’re gifting to your own father, or trying to spoil the father of your children, something invaluable you can give him is your time.  Spend Father’s Day as a family, gifting him an experience instead of something material.  Does he love golfing?  Grab that Golf Score Book and head to the golf course with him.  Take a weekend camping trip.  Get a baby sitter and take him to that concert he’s been talking about since it was announced.

If you’re on a really tight budget, and those ideas are too much of an expense, look for free events in your area.  Many museums, sports venues, and other gathering places will offer free admission to fathers the entire weekend.  If they don’t have free admission they may be offering some pretty cool Father’s Day themed swag.  Check out what’s in your city and make some memories, which last longer than stuff, anyways.

For Every Dad

If the stereotypical just doesn’t strike a chord, look at his own, unique interests.  Get him something related to his hobby.  Buy him a book on a topic that fascinates him.  Get him his favorite sci-fi series on blu-ray.  Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s a great gift, and just because something is a great gift for your, specific patriarch doesn’t mean it’s popular.  Only you know him well enough to get beyond the generic, and for that he’ll be genuinely appreciative.