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5 Healthy, Beautiful Ways to Use Apples this Fall

You know when the leaves start to turn – it’s apple season. Here in the Pacific Northwest, apple season is a really big deal and we are overflowing with fresh apples! Over the years, we’ve collected many fun and delicious apple recipes. The best part about cooking and baking with apples is the flavor, of course, but also how beautiful apple desserts and healthy apple snacks are. With so many different types of apples, there are countless ways to add their sweet and bright flavor and color into your autumn recipe rotation!


Here are my five favorite healthy, beautiful apple recipes for fall:

Baked Apple Chips from Sally’s Baking Addiction


Apple chips can be crunchy or chewy depending on the recipe you use, but either way, the result tastes like a healthy snack and dessert all at the same time. You can really control the calories by how much or how little sugar you add. You could play around with the recipe and come up with all kinds of delicious combinations!

This tool will make this recipe even easier:

A mandoline will turn an hour of slicing perfectly identical apple slices into a few minutes of high-powered automatically perfect cutting. Just watch your fingers! This OXO mandoline can be found in Target stores and purchased online with our Target coupons!

Low Fat Apple Cake by As Easy As Apple Pie

Low Fat Apple Cake from As Easy As Apple Pie

Easily one of the most beautiful things you can make with apple is this apple cake. It’s a stunner! Not to mention it’s actually low-fat, as well. Despite it’s gorgeous appearance, this cake recipe goes from start to finish in 45 minutes, perfect for dinner parties and that late night sweet tooth.

This tool will make this recipe even easier:

Kitchenaid Apple Wedger

This is called an “apple wedger” and it simultaneously cores and cuts your apples for you. Some recipes might require smaller pieces than what the wedger can provide, but it breaks apples down so quickly that you’re saving time no matter what! This is also available at Target and eligible for Target promo codes!

Apple & Butternut Squash Soup with Sage Parmesan Croutons by Well Plated

Butternut Squash and Apple Soup with Sage Parmesan Croutons

It might sound weird if you’ve never had it before, but apple is an excellent sweetener. In soups and purees, adding and cooking with apple is a great way to give an earthy sweetness to an already fall-themed meal. Plus, the croutons that accompany this soup are incredibly decadent!

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OXO Immersion Blender

Use a Williams-Sonoma promo code to pick up one of these extremely handy stick blenders, or immersion blenders. These can do everything from making you a smoothie to blending soup to assisting you in the process of making ice cream.

Apple & Gouda Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Smokey Sweet Potatoes by Rachel Cooks

Apple and Gouda Stuffed Chicken Breasts by Rachel Cooks

While we’re on this savory apple note, this chicken breast stuffed with gouda and apples is kind of genius. Served up with the vitamin-loaded sweet potatoes, the cheese is the most fattening thing on the plate, and there’s very little of it! Once again, using apples (and sweet potatoes) to sweeten up your savory dishes is a brilliant and delicious move.

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Getting yourself a really great paring knife like this one will change your life forever. No more worrying about whether or not using that half-dull knife will end up in a trip to the ER! The better quality the knife and the sharper it is, the safer you actually are. You’re going to need to slice the chicken breasts open and you owe it to yourself to have a high quality tool to do it with. Use a Williams-Sonoma coupon to help you get a paring knife that will last a lifetime!

Apple Upside Down Cake by Dixie Crystals

Apple Upside Down Cake from The Novice Chef

Are you drooling? Could this photograph make me any hungrier? What a beautiful image: caramel and apples. This entry might be a little bit less healthy than the rest because, well, it was too gorgeous to pass up! I’m sure with a little fine tuning you could turn this decadent recipe into a healthier one with whole wheat pastry flour and a little bit less sugar (and maybe some yogurt instead of sour cream… I’m getting carried away!), but for now, let’s just bask in the gooey perfection of this upside-down apple cake.

This tools will make this recipe even easier:


Buying yourself a set of non-stick bakeware – or at least a non-stick cake pan like this one – is a choice you will never regret. Especially because this recipe requires you to basically melt and almost burn sugar directly onto the cake pan. This can be purchased with Target coupon codes as well, and is around $10. I promise it’s entirely worth it!

Leave your favorite apple recipes in the comments, and tell us what your favorite kitchen tools are!