5 Inspirational Women Who Made History

In honor of Women’s History Month, we want to take a minute to celebrate some women who have rocked their careers. While they’re not all pillars of personal finance perfection, they did all take a stand against the idea that women should stay in the kitchen.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor could have easily fallen into the background like so many first ladies before her. But that wasn’t her style. She was born a Roosevelt, after all, and her big ideas and eagerness to speak them were a huge part of what led FDR to propose in the first place. After her husband fell ill with polio, she became very active in addressing the public, distracting from what people at the time would have seen as his inability, and instead highlighting the problems the country faced, and how her husband was going to solve them. She also took on many causes of her own, speaking out on race, women’s rights, and the rights of laborers both during and after the Great Depression.

Marilyn Monroe

While Marilyn’s finances were a mess at the end of her life, she was a woman who stood up for what she wanted. She constantly challenged contract negotiations, demanding to be paid what she was worth. When she didn’t get what she wanted, she set up her own production company to put some pressure on those who would deny her. A wife to three men who loved her, but wanted her to follow traditional gender roles and stay at home, Marilyn divorced Joe diMaggio, John Dogherty, and Arthur Miller so she wouldn’t have to sacrifice her own goals.

After her tragic death, she became an icon. Want to celebrate her spirit? Gearbest has a ton of options.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest women in the world, started her life living in poverty. She overcame many obstacles in her life, both economic and personal, that made her an extremely relatable person. That relatability led to a career in the talk show industry, which she dominated in the ratings over her male peers. She is a strong voice for women’s equality, and her financial success is arguably surpassed only by her influence.

Sheryl Sandberg

A strong advocate for women asserting themselves in the workplace, Sandberg has left her mark on modern culture with her book Lean In. She’s the woman who changed Facebook from a social network into a profitable company. She and her late husband shared equally in parenting their two children and bringing money into the household until his tragic death last year.

Michelle Obama

We all know her as the first lady, but before Barack was even a senator, she was the one who had her career together. She had taken a break from dating in order to focus on her career as a lawyer, when her law firm assigned her a mentee. That mentee was Barack Obama, and he had to win her over. He admired her beauty, yes, but also her abilities as a talented lawyer and professional.